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Yaremche - ski resort

Yaremche - ski resort, situated on the slopes of the same hill Yaremche. The resort opened relatively recently and have not managed to get popularity among fans of ski holidays in Kalush. The main advantage of the resort - a small number of tourists. So if you want a soul in peace and tranquility, the best holiday - Yaremche (Ukraine).
Carpathian Clean air, wooded mountain terrain, flowering poloniny, create excellent conditions for year-round recreation and treatment in Kalush.

In spring, summer, autumn-gathering berries, mushrooms, hiking and horseback riding in the mountains in winter, from December to March, everyone is waiting for ski holiday in Kalush. Despite the fact that Yaremche "young" resort, it does not yield a "promoted" Carpathian resorts in regard to service and ski trails. Here you encounter the stunning winter vacation in Yaremche are three lifts loop, operating system and ratraka osnezhennya. The hotel has the opportunity to take rent ski clothes, boards, skis.
Rest Yaremche - this exciting slopes, steep turns and positive emotions!
In addition, a winter vacation (Yaremche), you can diversify excursion, trip to the thermal springs and tasting room vinzavodu.

Here tourists will find rest for every taste - hotels, recreation, relaxation, and mini-offices, private place to rest in Yaren - manors and cottages. The main advantage of the resort - good quality services and affordable prices. Cost centers will be in Yaremche veil solely on your preferences. This year the resort is developing infrastructure - opening new hotels, restaurants, recreation centers, making more and more attractive to tourists.
Buying Tours (rest) in Yaremche, you get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the distinctive highlands, relax your mind and body

Rest in Yaremche - a holiday that will be remembered for a long time!

If you have interesting information about Yaremche vkarpatah@ukr.net send it and we are happy to publish with your name. Let's create together an interesting site about recreation and entertainment in Ukraine.

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