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Montenegrin Range

Montenegrin Range
Category: Carpathian Mountains
Chernogirsky Range

Chernogirsky Range

Chernogirsky ridge - this is the main ridge stretches for 20 km., Reaches a height of 2000 meters, its location and the slowness has a dominant position in the arc of the Carpathians from the Tatras to Rodnyansky Alps. In its main part is it is a watershed Tisza and Prut, and its most western, isolated from the public the deep pass, Petros - a watershed of Black and White thousand.

Backbond feature of Montenegro is the asymmetry of its northern and southern macro. When the southern slopes of the decay is everywhere equally rapidly, almost without branching into the deep valley, the northern macro-marked a significant number of branches, a ladder form slumps. Striking difference elan slopes of individual peaks relative to the ridge and natural transversal axes. Northern side wall exceeds 100 m and are based on the boilers. Ladder form the northern discharge display the titles in an authentic "shoulders". In some places, such shoulders are the real rock cliffs, for example, over the valley Kizih Vlogs under Brebeneskul.

Due to the conditions of ice formation was Chornogora its most characteristic feature - the pots and ledges intersected by veins flowing from these streams, moraine walls and numerous lakes. Benchmark such poledovikovih scenery is a boiler Dantsisha with two rows of kinchastih Kozlov, who are teeth out of saws, which are one of the first researchers compared the monthly mountains. This basin is located in the middle of Montenegro.

The ridge starts over Yassin ramifications Petros - Shasoy, Sheshulom, Petros reaches a height of 2,020 m. Between Petros and Sheshulom - Pass 1591 m, the southern slopes of which are based on a mountain valley Rognesku. North-western spur through Petros g.Petrosul 1861 and Shasu (on Soviet and Ukrainian maps - Kakarazu 1564) Lopushanski plaem down to Yassin, south-east spur - after Sheshul down to Bogdan and Rostock. When Petros comes a 6-kilometer range with a decrease in the gap up to 1550 meters at the pass Germanetskomu, which is the lowest place of the Montenegrin range from Shesula to Shurina. The southern slopes of the pass Germanetsky rely on the same name mountain valley. The eastern slopes of Petros are steeper than the western. Through the steep eastern slopes, which are particularly menacing look of Goverly and a relative okremishnist from the rest of the Montenegrin community Petros even looks taller Goverly.
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