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Hotel provides for the rehabilitation of the equipment and resources Bukovel.

Already Bukovel we treat and heal people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract.

Health care institutions are equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment. Latest ray equipment, ultrasound, all types of massage, manipulation, acupuncture, balneological and, of course, the best experts.

Computer traktsiynyy table (TRITON) - Treatment for herniated intervertebral without surgical intervention. Warning and prevention of diseases associated with diseases hrebta.Obladnannya which enables today treat all diseases of the spine, joints, exercise rehabilitation and recovery of motor functions of limbs.

Indications for use of equipment: dislocations disc herniated discs, degenerative disc arthrosis, acute problems of joints, pain nerve endings, hair disk, pinched nerve endings hipomobilnist, joint pain, disc pathology, rehabilitation after spinal compression fractures, scoliosis children.

Ultrasound machine of new generation - enables accurate diagnosis and prevent the disease. Currently, ultrasound machines of this class have only a few leading medical institutions of Ukraine.

Clinical Laboratory - provides the ability to instantly make blood tests and urine using a computer analyzer. Extremely high accuracy and speed of analysis results.

Alpha capsule - hydrotherapy, detoxification, weight loss, anti-cellulite program, phototherapy, infrared sauna, body wrap, pain, stress, sleep, meditation. Manual mode allows you to combine as desired or needed some recreation programs.

Hydrocolonotherapy - a procedure which promotes detoxification and detoxification.

Multifunctional whirlpool baths, using ozone during procedures, essential oils, sea salts and other substances for medical rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases.

LPG M6 KeyModule - apparatus for the treatment of muscle and connective tissue: muscle tissue repair, treatment of fibrosis, swelling of muscles, restore normal motor function of muscles, getting rid of cellulite, stretch marks skin, varicose enlargements, warming up the muscles before competitions, recovery from stress, improve health, muscle oxygen saturation, muscle relaxation, stress relief.

Kokteyler oxygen - the device that gives an opportunity to prepare drinks using natural, fresh juice, enriched with oxygen.

The hardware cosmetology - a unique combination of techniques, vacuum massage and oxygen mesotherapy, which gives excellent results in the lifting procedures, helps to easily and quickly get rid of cellulite and sprains, to restore skin smoothness and elasticity of the body.

Bezin'yektsiyna mesotherapy - one of pain-free effective procedures for rejuvenation. This method of introduction of biologically active and medicinal substances into deep skin layers, based on the fact that pharmaceuticals are introduced supersonic jet of oxygen, which itself makes a useful effect on the body (massage and oxygen saturation.) Subject to the regular procedure of quickly getting rid of wrinkles , age spots, acne, dry skin and other shortcomings.

Manicure-pedicure. The whole range of care services for hands and feet: classic cut, European, Unedged, SPA-manicure and pedicure and gel build-up and art design.

Solarium. Do not wait for summer to get a beautiful bronze tan. You can easily get it in our turbosolyariyi.

Jacuzzi. Relax and take the pressure you in our whirlpool aromooliyamy, sea salt. Dairy Jacuzzi satisfy your skin with milk proteins and vegetable collagen, maintaining its elasticity and youthfulness.

Barber. Modern model hairstyles, haircuts, styling, hair coloring, medical and cosmetic care of hair.

Obhortuvannya. Obhortuvannya based on the unique micronized algae, green tea, chocolate, cranberry, citrus, grapes and spices are unsurpassed cooling and healing effect.

Scrubs. Body Scrub Massage with Dead Sea salt, coffee, green tea, cocoa, citrus, rose, cranberry, grape stones, cinnamon. These procedures increase blood circulation in tissues, stimulating the withdrawal of water and fat, while the skin receives a deep cleaning. Do not wait for summer to get a beautiful bronze tan. You can easily get it in our turbosolyariyi.

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