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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 10 » Weekends Yaremche - Pearl of the Carpathians "
Weekends Yaremche - Pearl of the Carpathians "

Weekends Yaremche - Pearl of the Carpathians "


  Weekends to Yaremche
(IV-FRANK. - Manyava - YAREMCHE - WAY DOVBUSH - Makovytsya - Coloma - Iv.Franka.)
on 3dni/2nochi (Accommodation Yaremche).

1 day

    * 7:10 arrival in Ivano-Frankivsk
    * Trip to 07:30-12.00. "Manyavsky Skit" - in the village. Manyava: Exaltation of the Cross Monastery acting - architectural monument of the XVII. Inside the cathedral, Holy Cross is the miraculous image of Our Lady, written in the XVIII century. on Mount Athos.
    * Walking tour to Maniava waterfall height of 22 meters. (Possible only under the right weather conditions, 4km walk to one side, agreed in advance.
    * 13:00 moving Kalush. Accommodation in a private mansion. Dinner
    15.00 Excursion program * City: Yaren - Pearl of the Carpathians ". Outstanding tourism center: city, situated on a rocky shore of the rapid river Prut, will plunge into the world of natural beauty and gutsulskogo flavor. "Waterfall Break" and well-known souvenir market, restaurant Huzulschyna.
    * Dinner 18:30
    * Free time (sauna 150 USD. Per hour, or 50 USD. Person in a quantity less than 4 persons)

Day 2

    * 09:00 Breakfast
    * 10:00 Trip to the "path Dovbusha" with a story about the legendary thief, his life and legend. Exit to Dovbush.
    15.00 * Hike to Mount Makovytsya (the highest peak around Yaremche, which shows a panorama Yaremche and top Montenegrin array.
    * 18:30 Dinner in the Manor
    * Free time

Day 3

    * 09:00 Breakfast
    * Check-out
    * 10:00 Coloma. Review of the historic center, two unique museums - "Eggs" and "Museum of Folk Art and Gutsulschiny Pokuttya, the oldest wooden church Pokuttia (XVI century).
    * Boarding the train-John Frank. -Kyiv

Tour Price 600 USD per person.


    * 2 nights accommodation, (2, 3, 4-room (toilet and shower).
    * Meals according to program.
    * Insurance.
    * Transportation throughout the journey from Ivano Frankivsk

The price does not include:

    * Railway transportation.
    * Sauna and other personal expenses.

Additional payment (optional):

Breakfast on arrival - 30 USD per person.
Lunch the day of departure - 40 USD per person.

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