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Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Christmas


   there were only sunsets. Stars were so many, they were so everywhere, that sunsets were all. I did not yet know, what sky, that is why that how sunsets were was half-round. Did not yet exist far and close, but one sunset was more clear and greater. Air was nothing. There was only a smell, and sunsets could smell only, because nothing was anymore. Therefore sunsets smelled a frost, presence of distant water, during the forest, by the whiteness of snow and black bends of garden, by white pls on the white frozen road, little aits of bare stone, patches of hardening yellow clay and hyposthenic grass, heap of nut leaves from under snow, tracks on a path and distant dog voices. Old boards, moan of frost, invisible breathing of cattle, ringing squeak of doors, were then added. Then became warmly and softly. But darkly, because sunsets remained only in the rectangle of window. Through glass, by a zavitrazhovane frost, stars smelled already differently - by a hay, pinches of viburnum, by honey, by wool, fir-tree galuzzyam, by apples, bukovimi firewoods, overheated tiles, slow voices... Such was the world, when for me ability of him appeared to remember. Such is my most first flashback, first flashback, which not only fixes the determining state of the world but also is the sign of the realized being in existence of time, in continuation.

This flashback of podarunok.txt a few years, when Christmas Eve was approached. When dido already steliv a hay on a table, a grandmother prepared a triple candlestick, a dad refueled kutyu, and I went out on a street for firewoods, that a living fire did not go out. In the street was darkly, coldly and quietly. And that is why was emptily. I just then appeared the first star. It filled with the smell everything around by existence. Then I realized that it already had been once. Christmas was already.

Here these three things - childhood, the winter and eternal returning are is, seems, determining in our mystery of Christmas.

  because since God, which has neither beginning nor end, pozvoliv to born itself in human embodiment, he already can not be such, as before that. He became other. I he, being Creator, dare to give itself under guardianship those, who created. Lord needed our solicitude, mercy and love. A miracle of Khrista was not infusing with the Divine spirit in the body of prophet. Simply that God managed to live humanly.

The winter, because that, whoever never drove out in this time from a modern city, can doubt only, that not this time of year is the world beginning. In fact the world was begun with unity of fire and water. I from a sun, month and stars which set a fire water. The world began from a constraint and at first he was very laconic.

I eternal returning. Because one time - never. This mystery of the world beginning, miracle of Divine birth, finishes telling, that the worlds appear with every birth, that in every birth present z'yava God.

I exactly because we are accountable for God, for peace, for a sun and for sunsets, that all lasted in a reiteration over and over, we operate on Christmas how is in our forces - do everything the hands for that the world did not stop.

  day before a sainted evening, when yet a post lasts and all days long nothing is eaten in general, all, that is needed to the taynoy supper is repaired: a bob washes, fasolyu, sushenici, plums, wheat, potato, bread pretends to be, fish urinates, the stuffed cabbages, borsch, are done, from it undertakes on a spoon, that to bake knishik and perekhovati him to George, an owner does living vatru early, from it a fire is laid out in a stove, hostesses are stove, prepare vodka with honey, viburnum, carnations, cinamonom and by a pepper, nothing is drunk all days long, not tried, not smoked, it is impossible there is nobody to quarrel, it is impossible to chop firewoods, to the supper zastelyuyut' table by an after-grass, bandages oneself volichkoy scissors, darts out from home of needle, hole in benchs stopped up an after-grass, on a table bread consists in two rows, kalatchs and salt, as well smerknet'sya, nursed from home, fired a pistol, that time is on a supper, changed clothes in all of clean, a house obkuryuet'sya three times by incense, to the table laid the first food - bob, then laid fish, pies, stuffed cabbages, plums, kutyu, potato with butter and garlic, pitch, pea, plums from fasoleyu, pies with a poppy, from every food takes a bit, salted and rushes a cattle, and to the bees - water with honey, round a house a poppy is thrown about, and in a house must be quietly, only a hostess lights candles and collects nine foods in a bowl, that potomu with an owner to go out on a street and invite to itself on the sainted supper of gradivnikiv, practitioners of black magic, mol'fariv, planetnikiv, forest wolves, bears, lisiv, bore, goes back to a house, treats a candle on a sun three times table, bows fight and prays with thanks, that dozhilosya to this day, the bowl of foods is equipped for the souls dyings, sidaet'sya to the supper, an owner gives up kutyu to ceiling, kutya is tried, all of family is congratulated, undertakes to the supper, speaking to each other, for suppers prays and it is possible to go along with foods to the next-door neighbours.

And already on the second day, after christmas Service of Divine, kolyadniki going, perebiranci and go along with kolyadoy family-to-family, because a son Divine borned.

In the small forest, in the small forest, on yellow sand

ouch give goodness.?

A sapling grows thin, high

Thin, high, by a top wide.

And in that sapling Lord sits

Ouch sits, sits, far vidit'

Ouch vidit', vidit', in the clean field

In the clean field, where a plough ploughs.

The saint of Mikolay walks at the ploughtail

A saint of Mikhail is bullocks drives

Sainted Maria carries water

Ouch carries, carries hide God asks.

My God Goodness, come to me

Come to me on a sainted evening

On a sainted evening and on Christmas early.

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