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Souvenirs - Home?

Souvenirs - Home?

Two souvenir markets, on which it is possible to find interesting knick-knackeries on flashback about Carpathians and, in particular, about Yaremche, operate in Yaremche, to lead near and to the friends attributes of gucul'skoy culture and will visit.

Various embroideries, frock-coats, zapaski and krayki, wooden, metallic and skin decorations and attributes of way of life, made gucul'skimi masters. On markets also sell the gifts of nature of Carpathians - nuts, honey, herbares which can be purchased for owners.

1.    Souvenir market - to return at a house on a street Freedoms 278/1. On territory of market establishments of feed are located also.
2.    Souvenir market - to return near a restaurant on the street of Petrasha,
2b . There is the known restaurant of «Gucul'schina» on territory of this market, built without every nail and a waterfall falls «Hasp» of the river Twig which it is possible to admire on large suspended mosti.

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