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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 13 » Rocks Dovbusha
Rocks Dovbusha

Rocks Dovbusha

Rocks near the village Dovbusha Bubnysche (Ivano-Frankivsk) - enough is known tourist attractions. This regular tired they are transporting water resorts of Maximus and Morshina and tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad. Guides, which come from the teams, telling unsuspecting guests about the gold supposedly hidden there Oleksy Dovbusha, the cave with a large stone that vidsuvayetsya the cherished words of ancient monasteries and "Rus way" with Europe. Experts say that neither famous Opryshko nor his treasure here and smelled, and the name of the reserve - a fairy tale for tourists, invented by the Soviet authorities in the last century. Here is Monastery princes castle moat around it - the pure truth. But we will not interfere with the scientific discussion and lightly dethrone the usual myths and try to go on the other neparadnoho and perhaps more interesting part - Rock-climber. Every weekend there is going to kind of sport and travel "Hangout", where all know all the years, and where you can not book a tour.

A drive on the rocks?

The first and most important step - to find a friend, rock climber climbers that weekend is going to Bubnysche and naprosytysya the company. After the usual meeting place (tents, Scapulars, sleeping bags, food, spoons, bowls, cups) and Poklonnaya appeal, requesting the Office to provide celestial good weather ...
Bus "Ivano-Frankivsk Truskavets" goes about half of the ninth morning (very convenient for passengers of the Kiev train, which arrives at 8.15). Seven and a half USD worth a ticket to Bolekhov. (This small and beautiful Carpathian district center is different from most of these cities and towns that have town hall to the current large clock). From the center Bolekhov at eleven in the village goes PAZyk Polyanitsya. He dovozyt tourists to turn on the Rocks Dovbusha. Next - four miles on foot.

Near the checkpoint located restaurant, cafe, shop, be photographed with hand hawk or very unhappy chanterelles on a leash, which sits quietly near the fence. For travel to the reserve drivers of passenger cars have to pay five USD, with "busykiv" take ten foot are free *. Less than an hour unhurried walk - and we are on the ground.

Doll, Witch, Battleship

First we go to the park. They were here a few and each has its own name, or geographic, or characteristic: World (by citizens stay here), Frankivsk, Kalush, Stryiska Uzhgorodska Shurshun (from the name of a nearby cliff) and the wigwam (If you look, you can see some signs of Indian habitation). Parking awake most rock-climbing: remove debris, arrange benches and tables. Settle things, make a short "snack", someone still keep Scapulars, and the rest sent to the training.

Each large stone back in Soviet times, was climbing in his name, often Russian. Battleship or Sail (46 meters - the highest, if counting from bottom to top) and really like that, and the second - just from different sides. About Witches say that it resembles the profile of women bitterly. If you look at the dolls, the origin of the name is clear and without explanation. There are three horses, two rocks of so-called Basic array, Tulip, Loach, Avstriyka (once they found the note from the athletes of Austria-Hungary), already mentioned Shurshun, Bezimenka (she - Bivachka) and several large and small stone formations. The whole rock is in a magnificent collection of woods, where their feet - or soft moss, or artistically intertwined roots of trees.
We we go to alone. He stands apart from the rest (hence the name derives) is the highest cliff of the reserve, including height above sea level.


In a niche in the wall is lit a little fire, boiled some meat, close to train a dozen athletes, running children. Descendants of climbing (skeledity) - a separate issue. These ubiquitous creatures since childhood fun getting used to secure the long cord and high stone walls. Parents can and forgive them almost everything except the light-minded attitude to altitude. Kids everywhere lizut and intervene, fall and rise independently, rarely cry, and often cry of delight.

With three or four years, taught to children is not difficult routes - very carefully in order not to frighten and repel will not engage in rock climbing. That's now six years old boy in male refractory overcomes almost vertical rise. "I run, do not be afraid. Hand above and left, there is a mesh of two fingers. Even higher still - oh, this is it. Well done! "- Father manages movements son, standing below on insurance.

When you offer a bit ironic to try to force the Rock-climber route, it is difficult to refuse. Principal in this case - forget about a life experience they almost lost the physical training, believe in themselves and trust the instructor. Wear a system with three straps (two on hips, one on across), interconnected. The front zone touches on a long thick cord, as forefinger. With the appearance - the usual rope, and can hold air cars.
Heavy rock shoes athletes do not borrow. You can even climb in the ordinary, but float galoshes or Gym-Shoes sole of the so-called black rubber and pre-cut spike. Since there is only running shoes, then we get into them. Next? Oh, next.

First attempt. Kaif

Hooks on the routes already killed those who has been there first. They called routes. And sometimes give quite a strange name: "a tavern by the way," Way of the Samurai "," Kiss dogs barabaky.

The distance between the hook in the average one-two feet, but may be three, vertically. Using old and unknown hook not recommend ... There are two types of insurance - lower and upper. From the first lazyat experienced athletes: overcoming distance, rock-climbing in turn touches rifles and fixes them pull. If this situation it zirvetsya, you can fly three or four feet until the hang. With insurance the top rope is affected at the highest shotgun route and always at the top. If an athlete that is on insurance, not filmed, it more than a few centimeters is not flying. Beginners usually "run" only the top option.
... Put one foot on a small step, chiplyayemos hand horbochok for naught. Another step in zastromlyayemo crack and returns, to jam. Then put weight on it. It appears that you and yes and no leg pain. A jumped!

Start again. Finally, came out. Then everything should be done as you suggest below. Always look for hands and feet of some vpadynky, zahlybynky and hitch, use the law of friction and try to climb, Rectifier bent legs, not pidtyahuvatysya hands. This is unusual and difficult. In the middle route of the feeling that more is - nothing. I do not want more, I can not. Take me here. "You can!" - Shouts from below instructor, somehow bloodthirsty smile and a bit twitchy on a cord - to say, I'm here next. Or, really? And the son is at the bottom, looks ... Well, even a little more. Is dolizu? A few meters left, it is embarrassing to go on the route. Is! Cliffhanger say that now need to gently kiss the top of the rifle and begin descent.
"Cease back - shouting instructor. - And back off from the cord, do not keep it! Move hands and feet uprys vidshtovhuysya. Easy to say - back off, Cease, and how to do it the first time in my life at the height of the fifth floor? Hooray, go! Hands, legs tremble, but - what Kaif! They say that if adults do not agree to ask the newcomers to the end, the insurance just tied to a tree and go away. Sit, wait. I hope that this was another joke.

This route is called Bihovuha. While the competition is to pass the speed record - 14 seconds. I think Liz is half an hour, but really - two minutes, max. Then we go to other rocks, and other routes which are more than fifty. It is interesting to observe the confident, precise movements of athletes - cine Cliffhanger Sylvester Stallone would envy technology implementation.

Wind Meeting
In the evening all scattered to their parking. "Ghali arrived - today is borscht. Asks about friends and acquaintances refer to the Crimea, the Caucasus, funny incidents on the ascents and heavy rescue. Girls sing the guitar. Most songs sound monumental Russian bards: Vizbor, Vysotsky, Horodnytskyi, Egorova. Sounded sad and beautiful songs of Maria Burmaki:
Spring wind meetings ... i escape

Leaves the house, love the strange woman
You are one of those who kiss the first sword
And then a woman ...

Community stones pose an unusual acoustics. Even there is no desire pidspivuvaty, to not spoil the wonderful feeling of eternity and the combination of adolescence. If you're ever in rock Dovbusha on tour, pay attention to people zavishanyh ropes and Rock-climber systems. Due to these stones will always be young, attractive and good for those who come here with good.?

* Rock-floral Reserve Dovbush Rocks "(area - 100 hectares) is a nature monument of state importance and belongs to Bolehovskom Forestry. In July 2005 the entrepreneur from the village of Vasil Polyanitsya Yatsynyn received in the regional department of forestry permit economic activities on the reserve. In this definition include: streamlining the road, scavenging, dry cutting of trees, protection.
Inquiries and proposals: (03437) 3-63-31, 3-63-26.
The fee is charged only for the passage of vehicles.

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