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Elements of the annual range of worship is a Christian holiday. Mostly annual number of holidays in Christianity happened in I-VI cent. district. e. Allocate several groups of religious holidays.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 1037 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ in Christian tradition - the Virgin Mary (Mother of God) and the greatest of Christian saints. Etymology of the name "Maria" (Heb. Mariam) was offered varies among the proposed values, in particular: "beautiful," "bitter," "Mrs.", "beloved by God." Scientists prefer the latter value, which goes to the Ancient Egyptian language and can be explained chotyrystalitnim stay of the Jews in Egypt.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 860 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

During the first three centuries Christians did not have separate holidays at Christmas. For the first time began to celebrate Christmas only IV, art, when it was installed on Easter, Pentecost and epiphany - Epiphany. In the east a long time Christmas was celebrated with Epiphany on January 6. This feast and included the Christmas and Jesus' baptism in the Jordan. The Greek word "epiphany"
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 1029 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (1)

Circumcision of Our Lord - the big (not dvonadesyate) Holy Orthodox Church. Celebrated January 14 (January 1, Old Style). In the Catholic Church after 1970 not included in the general calendar. Circumcision of the Jews in the time of Abraham was carried out over eight boys and served as a sign of entering i
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 664 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Epiphany (Epiphany) (Greek or Theophaneia Epiphaneia), a Christian feast on the remembrance of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the waters of Jordan. In the Orthodox Church is among larger Dvonadesyatyh intransitive holidays. Celebrated on 19 January in the Orthodox churches and 6 January in the Catholic Church.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 918 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

February 15 (Gregorian Calendar, 2 February - the Julian) - Christians celebrate Candlemas Eastern rite of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Candlemas).
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 1308 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Annunciation, Annunciation - dvonadesyate great holiday, the third most important national-religious holiday after Easter and Christmas. Annunciation Orthodox celebrate on April 7, Catholics - 25 March.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 867 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Lent is the most important and oldest of all the multi posts. It reminds us of the Forty Days Fast Savior in the desert, he also introduces us to the Holy Week, and then - to the joy of holiday celebrations - Bright Resurrection of Christ.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 759 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Easter - the biggest Christian holiday. This day is the day of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and has another name - the Passover.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 865 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Wednesday through Sunday of the Paralytic, exactly in half between Easter and Pentecost, the feast of St. Descent. Spirit (Trinity), the Eastern Church celebrates the feast of Mid or Peredilennya. Explained by the establishment of this holiday is: "On Wednesday Paralytic celebrate the feast of Pentecost Mid to honor two great festal days, ie Easter and Pentecost. Mid connects both of these feasts. "
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 752 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

On the 40 th day after Easter for an event which narekly Ascension. In 2006, the Orthodox celebrate Ascension June 1, and Catholics - May 25, 2007 and in the Orthodox and Catholics celebrate the Assumption on May 17.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 1088 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Whit Sunday (Pentecost) (Greek Pentekoste), one of the greatest Christian holiday that is celebrated on the 50 th day of Passover to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit and dedicated to the glorification of the Holy Trinity. The Orthodox Church - dvunadesyate great holiday. In the West, not the feast of Pentecost is called the Trinity, though closely associated with its veneration. In the XIV century. Holy Trinity in the Catholic Church was named Sunday after Pentecost.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 736 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Set Peter (Apostolic) post belongs to the first centuries of the Church. About ecclesiastical establishment of the post mentioned in the Ordinance apostles: "After Pentecost celebrate one Week, and then postitsya, justice requires and rejoice after taking gifts from God
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 1000 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)