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Christian Holidays

Christian Holidays
General Information

Elements of the annual range of worship is a Christian holiday. Mostly annual number of holidays in Christianity happened in I-VI cent. district. e. Allocate several groups of religious holidays.

Feasts. Are the twelve most important holidays. They are linked on the one hand, the sanctification of the real or legendary events of Christian history (mostly of Jesus Christ and Mary). On the other hand, the celebration and ceremonial complex, used in these celebrations, especially reflected the annual range of pre-Christian agricultural cults.

Among the feasts are allocated so called. intransitive holidays (with fixed dates of celebration). This includes Christmas - December 25 (January 7. By district. Art.) Epiphany (Theophany, Epiphany) - 6 (19 per district. Art.) January, Candlemas - 2 (15 per district. Art. ) February; Annunciation - March 25 (7 Apr, by district. Art.) Transfiguration - 6 (19 per district. Art.) August; Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 15 (28 per district. Art.) August; Assumption - 15 (28 per district. Art.) August; Holy Cross - 14 (27 per district. Art.) September, in the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary - November 21 (4 Dec, by district. c...)

Another group feasts - transition, the date of which is connected with the celebration of Christian Passover (because they are still called Easter). These include: Entry of the Lord in Jerusalem - a week before Easter, Ascension - 40 th day after Easter, Pentecost Day (Holy Trinity) - 50 th day after Easter.

Easter - the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Celebrated in memory of the events portrayed in the Gospels. Covering peredpashalnyy week (so called. "Passion", is connected to last week's mention of the earthly life of Jesus) Easter Sunday (the feast of Bright Resurrection of Christ); pislyapashalnyy week (so called. "Net"). Symbolism of "Easter" has its roots in ancient Jewish history and related umylostyvlyuyuchymy, atoning sacrifice (Pesach). Atoning sacrifice of Christ replaces the Old Testament passover sacrifice. How Christian of the Jewish Passover prototype appears to identify the date of the celebration of Easter.

Easter holiday is a transition, its associated date defining the date of the Jewish Pesach and the comparison of solar and lunar calendars. This scheme is called pashaliyi and was determined by the Council of Nicea in the early IV. district. is. According to this Christian celebrate Easter on the first Sunday after the full moon, or that coincides with the vernal equinox, or comes after him, while not allowed to overlap with the Jewish Passover (Pesach). For several centuries and millennia, the issue of defining the term or the date of Easter celebration. There were various schemes of calculating the period. In the West, it was so called. Roman calculation, in the East - Alexandria. In the East-table pashaliyi concluded in V-VI cent. Theophilus Alexandria, Cyril of Alexandria, in the West - the quiz Aquitaine, Dionisio small. After years of discussions Roman Church adopted the system of Dionysius the Little, East - Alexandria continued to hold the system.

The large range of annual celebrations of worship are: Circumcision of Our Lord - 1 (14 per district. Art.) January, the Holy Virgin - 1 (14 per district. Art.) October; Christmas John the Baptist - June 24 (July 7. For the district. centuries). Beheading of John the Baptist - August 29 (11 ling, by district. c...) Throughout the year, celebrated birthdays and saints days. Private Christian community celebrated the so-called. prestolnye (or temple) holidays (holy days, after which their temples were built).

Christian posts occupy a significant place in the Christian cult. For example, in the Orthodox Church calendar of 200 days falls on the posts. In addition to weekly posts on Wednesday and Friday, it posts on some dvanadesyati and big holidays, and four of many posts - the Great, Peter, the Assumption and Christmas. Large (peredpashalnyy) fast - more than 40 days before Passover. Peter Post begins the first Monday after the oven's Day and ending on 29 June; Assumption fasting lasts from 1 to 15 August, Christmas (or Pylypiv) - from 15 November to 25 December (per Art. C...) According to Christian teaching, the office is a challenge believers to resistance against temptations - for patience and humility. In addition to retention of certain types of food (most notably in the post), is most important is "spiritual content, spiritual cleansing, spiritual self-improvement and believing the world around him.

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