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Circumcision of Our Lord

Circumcision of Our Lord

Circumcision of Our Lord - the big (not dvonadesyate) Holy Orthodox Church. Celebrated January 14 (January 1, Old Style). In the Catholic Church after 1970 not included in the general calendar. Circumcision of the Jews in the time of Abraham was carried out over eight boys and served as a sign of entering into covenant with God (Genesis 17:14, Leviticus 12:2-3). When the baby was given the name of circumcision. Jesus Christ, who came in the flesh of the tribe of Abraham was also circumcised on the eighth day after his birth and was named Jesus - a name, prophesied the Virgin Mary Gabriel (Luke 1:32, 2:21). Thus, the Circumcision of Our Lord - is also a holiday appellation Lord Jesus name. Circumcision Celebration Church claims the belief that Jesus Christ was God Man and was the true body, but not supposed and illusory, as some heretics were taught (dokety).

Around refers to the first centuries of Christianity. Reached us teachings of the Fathers of the Church IV. on this holiday - Amphilochius Ikoniyskoho, Gregory Nisskoho, Ambrose of Milan and others. From the V century. preserved conversation on the day of circumcision Maxim, Bishop of Toruń. In IV. Circumcision with the celebration was combined celebration Basil the Great, because that day is Basil Liturgy. Canon Circumcision is written in Article VIII. Stefan Savvaitom. The holiday lasts a day and serves as the completion of the Nativity of Christ.

In the New Testament rite of circumcision was replaced by the Sacrament of Baptism (also see Baptism), the prototype of which he was.

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