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Lent is the most important and oldest of all the multi posts. It reminds us of the Forty Days Fast Savior in the desert, he also introduces us to the Holy Week, and then - to the joy of holiday celebrations - Bright Resurrection of Christ.

St. Lent - prayer and penitence, when each of us must Invoking God in the forgiveness of their sins (Confession and Communion and confession) and worthily partaking St. Mysteries of Christ, according to the command of Christ (See: Institute 6, 53-56).

Even in the Old Testament God commanded the children of Israel each year give the tithe (a tenth of that) with all they got, and by so doing, they were blessed in all deeds.

Knowing this, St. apostles and installed to benefit our tenth year, that time of Lent (St. Forty), dedicate to God, that we were blessed in all our deeds, annual clearing himself from his sins committed throughout the year.

Thus, Lent - St. Forty - tithing is God-given each year (a conservative estimate 36 days, not counting the day Sunday), we, leaving this life-time entertainment and all sorts of fun, mainly dedicate service to God - the salvation of his soul.

Lent has three training weeks.

The first preparatory week before Lent is called Week Publican and the Pharisee. On this Sunday in the liturgy is read from the Gospel parable of the Publican and the Pharisee, to show that only a tearful prayer and humility, as tax collector, not a list of their virtues, like the Pharisee, we may obtain mercy. On this Sunday before the fifth Sunday of Lent by Vigil after reading the Gospel is sung prayer of repentance: "Repentance door open to me, O Giver of Life ..."

The second preparatory week before Lent is called the Week of the prodigal son. In moving parable of the prodigal son, we are hearing on the liturgy in the Gospel reading, St.. The Church teaches us to trust in the mercy of God if we sincerely repent of their sins. During this week, and also in the next two weeks after the Vigil Service at poliyeleya sung psalm: "By the rivers of Babylon there we sat and wept when we remembered Zion our ..." This 136-psalm and narrates the suffering of the Jews in Babylonian captivity and the longing for their homeland. The words of the psalm bringing us think about our spiritual captivity sinful and that we must seek his spiritual homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many were embarrassed last psalm verse that says: "Blessed is he who will smite and your children (Babylon), a stone!" Of course, this idea in the literal sense of the word cruel and totally unacceptable for a Christian, because the Lord Himself taught to love and bless their enemies: and worship God in spirit and in truth. " It is this opinion becomes pure and exalted in spiritual and Christian sense, because it means - happy is he who has a strong resolve to break bad faith on the stone of thought and desire when they have barely emerged (that are like babies in the state) before than they grow in evil deeds and habits.

The third preparatory week before Lent is called Meat or cheese, and the people he has called "Carnival", for a modest meal at this week only allowed to eat cheese, milk, butter and eggs. Most Meatfare Sunday week called Sunday of the Last Judgement, because the liturgy is read the Gospel of the Last Judgement and the final retribution, the St. Church wants to encourage sinners to repentance. In chants cheese week mentioned the Fall of Adam and Eve, which occurred due to lack of restraint, and praise is saving his office from the fruits.

The last Sunday before Lent is called CHEESEFARE because it ends with consumption of cheese, butter and eggs. In the liturgy is read the Gospel (see: Mt. 6,14-21) image of forgiveness neighbor, without which we can not get absolution from Father. According to this Gospel reading devout Christians are wont to ask in this day in each other the forgiveness of sins, conscious and unconscious, and do everything possible to reconcile with the rival. So this Sunday is called Forgiveness Sunday, and after which begins Lent (St. Forty).

Lenten prayers have certain features: a long service, reduced ceremony, including: singing is a little more than read psalms and prayers that tune soul to repentance. Each service spoken of repentance prayer premortal bows Ephraim the Syrian: "O Lord and Master of my life ..." Conducted early in the morning, during some parts of the false and evening.

In the evening instead VESPERS Great Compline.

On Wednesday and Friday liturgy accomplished sanctified Gifts.

On Saturdays of Lent is John Chrysostom liturgy, and in the first five Sunday - Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, which is performed also in the Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday in Holy Week.

In Lent, each week devoted to remembrance of any special event or person who called sinful soul to repentance and hope for God's mercy.

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