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Chanukah (Festival of Lights, the name comes from drevnoyevreyskoho update dedication), 8-day Jewish holiday of joy, which is celebrated in winter in memory of the restoration of worship in the Jerusalem temple when the sanctuary was cleansed
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 611 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

In the Muslim religious holiday calendar dates a bit. In the period of Islam's Prophet Muhammad (Muhammad) forbade his followers to celebrate Muslim holidays and participate in them because, by participating in a religious holy man thus joins the rite of the religion which it arranges and conducts.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 657 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Last Day of Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca and Medina and joining pilgrims in the valley of Arafa. Pilgrimage to Mecca to worship the sacred Kaaba, the main shrine of Muslims is a Muslim duty bound to guarantee him the remission of all sins and achieve eternal bliss in the hereafter life.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 778 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Eid al-Kurban (Kurban Bairam, Eid al-Adha) - feast of sacrifice. In 2006, the holiday falls on January 10. This holiday is part of the Muslim rite of pilgrimage to Mecca, it is celebrated in the valley of Mina near Mecca on the tenth day of the 12 th month of the Muslim lunar calendar zul-Hijra and lasts 3-4 days. Certainly, not all Muslims can perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, to participate in the main Muslim holy and very sacred place for sacrifice, because the canons of Islam require Muslims to perform ritual culminating part not only in Mecca, but wherever Muslims may find themselves.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 616 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Start the new year is celebrated by AH 1 st day of Muharram Muslim lunar calendar (2006 - 30 January - the beginning of the year 1427, in 2007 - 20 January - beginning of year 1428). This month has special significance for Muslims, so he called sacred. In this month, when Mohammed was still not enough number of followers, he had to make the famous migration - Hijra from Mecca to Yastryb, named after the city of the Prophet, that Medina, along with family and friends. This event took place on July 16, the 622 on the Gregorian calendar and is considered the beginning of the Muslim era, because of Muharram so revered by Muslims.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 547 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Ashura (Ashura, "the word" ashara "meaning" ten ") - the tenth day of the Muslim Hijra New Year (in 2006 the year of the 8 February). For Muslims considered ooblyvym tenth day since that day, according to tradition, the Prophet delivered a memorable words: "O people, be quick to do good on this day, for this great day, blessings. Allah has blessed this day Adam. This comes a day Almighty Heaven, Earth Angels. Ashura Day - Day of the Almighty grant the grace of the Ten prophets. End of the world also comes the day of Ashura.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 544 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Birthday of Prophet Mohammed, Al-Maulyd naby This holiday is celebrated on 12 th of the month Rabi al-avval. Muhammad began to celebrate Christmas only 300 years after the emergence of Islam and, according to researchers, not without the influence of Christian tradition.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 599 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

The first night on Friday of the month Rajab - the month when the Prophet Mohammed conceived Blvd, entitled Rahaib that the Arabic language means dreams, desires. A marriage batkiv Prophet Muhammad Abdullah and Amine.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 801 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Festival to commemorate the miraculous journey of Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem (Quds) and his Ascension (miradzh) to the heavenly throne of Allah was one of the most popular stories of Muslim transfers. In the Middle Ages there was much popular literature, which vividly depicted miradzha details. This event occurred 27 Rajab 621, she is celebrated in many Muslim countries, the night of 27 Rajab Muslims carried out without sleep, read Quran, pray and tell the tale about the miraculous ascension of the prophet.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 573 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Night from 14 th to 15th shahbana (Sha'ban) is called Baraat night. Baraat means "not involved", "complete separation". According to believers, this night God created specially to archangels reported to him about his actions. On the night of revelation, forgiveness and mercy, as it is called, the Almighty Allah is close to his servants, going down to the nearest heaven to earth to make them His great mercy and grace.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 555 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Day 1 of Ramadan - a month is the beginning of Lent (saum) during the holy month of Ramadan. Lent during the month of Ramadan (po-pers. - Ramazan) is required for all adults, healthy, ritually pure people. Ritual purity (tahara) in Islam is very important, tahara means liberation from all that defiles. Those who accidentally broke the fast must fast after Ramadan for the lost days.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 569 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Laylat al-frame (Laylat al-frame) - night promise (urocha night). 27 Night of the month of Ramadan (this is always night on Monday) is the night of promise, the solution of fate, might. Holiness Leylyat al-frame is that this night began giving the Quran to Muhammad.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 594 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Eid al-Fitr or Uraza Bairam - holiday marks the completion rozhovinnya fasting month of Ramadan. He called a little holiday as opposed to a big holiday - holy sacrifice.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 934 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)