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Corpus Christi is celebrated every year on Thursday after Trinity. This is a relatively new Catholic holiday, officially approved by the memory of Jesus Christ set Sacrament (the Eucharist). The Catholic Church regards the Eucharist as a sacred gift that Christ left his church. Custom first appeared in 1247 in
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 740 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Festival set to recall the events associated with the birth of John the Baptist, which are described in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:24-25, 57-68, 76, 80).
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 577 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Peter and Paul especially esteemed as disciples of Jesus Christ after his death and resurrection of Christ began to preach and spread the teachings of the Gospel throughout the world.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 585 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Holy Prophet Elijah was born in Fesfiyi (Tesviyi) Halaadskiy for 900 years before Christ. The name that parents have given his son (Elijah means "My God - Yahweh") defined his life. From small years he devoted himself to God, settled in the desert and live in prayer and rigorous fasting. At that time of Ahab king of Israel
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 587 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

August 4 believing Christians observe Holy Women Equal Mary Magdalene (born in the town for Mahdaly, which was once on the shores of Lake Henezaretskoho in Syria near Capernaum). In the Gospel does not say anything about her younger years, but with the transfer of church learn that she was a beautiful woman and lived sinful.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 659 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Anna, mother Mary, the daughter of Matthan the priest and his wife Mary, of the tribe of Levi, Aaron's family. According to legend, she died peacefully in Jerusalem at the age of 79
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 709 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

According to the sources of Christian theologians, this holiday was established in Byzantium in 1164 to commemorate the victory of Emperor Manuel (1143-1180) over the heterodox - Muslims. On the day of victory before the battle supposedly miraculously flashed - Renewed - Icon. Ostensibly in the same day, August 14, 1164, Vladimir prince Andrey Bogolyubskii slew gentile Volga Bulgarians. Therefore, in order to provide local character that obviously busy, no Slavic roots, holy, he gave the Rus' national treatment.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 541 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Transfiguration, the Christian holiday on remembrance of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. August 19 celebrated the Orthodox Catholics and 6 August. The Orthodox Church - Hospodske dvonadesyate holiday. All three synoptic Gospels contain similar descriptions of the transformation of the Lord
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 477 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Christian holiday, last year in terms of major holidays. Devoted to the events ending life on earth Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrated 15 (28) August. The Orthodox Church - Blessed Virgin dvonadesyate holiday.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 695 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

About John the Baptist (John the Baptist) can be read at Nativity of John the Baptist. Put here a quote from the Gospel of Mark.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 746 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Christian feast in the Orthodox Church is among the Blessed Mother dvonadesyatyh holidays, it begins with an annual range of religious holidays.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 930 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Holy Cross, a Christian feast on the remembrance of finding Saints Queen Helena of the True Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, and Exaltation of his honor and for public worship. Celebrated 14 (27) September. The Orthodox Church -
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 807 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)

Protection of the Blessed Virgin. Great Blessed Virgin's feast, which was established in honor of Our Lady appearing in one of the churches of Constantinople about 910 years. During the reign VI philosopher (886-912), when the city was attacked by Saracens, residents prayed for the Vigil Service at the service of Blachernae temple, where hiding her cope.
Religious Holidays | Переглядів: 821 | Додав: vechervkarpatah | Дата: 11-01-19 | Коментарі (0)