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Mid Pentecost

Mid Pentecost

Wednesday through Sunday of the Paralytic, exactly in half between Easter and Pentecost, the feast of St. Descent. Spirit (Trinity), the Eastern Church celebrates the feast of Mid or Peredilennya. Explained by the establishment of this holiday is: "On Wednesday Paralytic celebrate the feast of Pentecost Mid to honor two great festal days, ie Easter and Pentecost. Mid connects both of these feasts. "

The name of holy Church borrowed from the Gospels that the gospel of Jesus Christ, that He, in the days of His earthly life, for the third year of his gospel mission in Mid Old Testament Feast of Tabernacles, entered the temple and taught (John 7, 14-36). This teaching of the Lord clearly showed himself the Messiah, the mediator of God and man, legislator and equal to God the Father. This teaching of Jesus Christ, under half of Pentecost, which combines the Passover holiday and the descent of the Holy Spirit, and heralds a time of near the descent of the Holy Spirit, because "the last day of holidays", during which the Lord in the temple and taught, and he peredvistyv the Holy Spirit, whom were to receive the believers in Jesus Christ "(John 7, 37-39). Thus, Mid Pentecost is the appearance of the Divine power and wisdom of the Savior as the Messiah, that He sent the Holy Spirit.

Holiday lasted eight days, of which the first and last were especially holy. Rite on the eighth day, which was due to the Mid Christian holiday, was a solemn rite of pouring water. Draining the water was pouring out the sign of the Holy Spirit.

Looking back on the Sunday of the Paralytic dedication of water in the font Syloamskiy Angela, and especially the divine teachings of Jesus Christ, uttered him at Pentecost, the Lord is likened to water, which "gives the sinner seeking salvation, life and wisdom", the Church in Mid Day after Liturgy we celebrate a little water blessing, asking God to watering thirsty souls waters of piety, as he "cried, saying: If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink" (Yn. 7, 37).

Mid Day - is an ancient Christian feast. It is mentioned in their teachings St. John Chrysostom. In V century Constantinople, Anatolia, in VII - Rev. Andrew of Crete, in VIII - St. John Damascene, in IX - Venerable Theophanes the Confessor in Mid sung religious songs, which the Church now praise the Lord among Mid Pentecost.

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