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Peter Fast Set

Peter Post

Peter Fast Set

Set Peter (Apostolic) post belongs to the first centuries of the Church. About ecclesiastical establishment of the post mentioned in the Ordinance apostles: "After Pentecost celebrate one Week, and then postitsya, justice requires and rejoice after taking gifts from God, and fast relief after the flesh" but especially this fast established itself as in Constantinople and Rome who had not yet fallen away from Orthodoxy, churches were erected in honor of Leaders of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Dedication of Constantinople was the church to commemorate the June 29th article of the Apostles. Art. (July 12, Sc. Art.), And since this was a solemn day in the East and West. The Orthodox Church is locked Preparation pious Christians to this celebration with fasting and prayer.

St. Athanasius the Great, describing in his speech to the emperor Constantius misery caused Arians Orthodox Christians, said: "The people who have fasted for a week following Pentecost, he went to pray at the cemetery. This summer fast, now we call Petrov, or Apostolic, formerly known as Lent Pentecost. The Church calls us to this post following the example of the Apostles, who received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, in fasting and prayer, preparing for world preaching the Gospel.
Peter Post

Peter fasting duration depends on sooner or later is Easter. It always starts with the end Tryodi or after the week of Pentecost, and ends June 28th centuries. Art. (July 12, Sc. C.) if the feast of saints Peter and Paul falls not on Wednesday or Friday. Peter Post is the longest - six weeks and the shortest - and one day a week. Antioch Patriarch Theodore Valsamon in XII century. said: "For seven days or more to Saints Peter and Paul, all believers, that lay people and monks, should fast, and those that do not postyatsya, shall be banished from speaking Orthodox Christians."

Feat Peter fasting less strict than Forty (Lent). During Peter's Church prescribes fasting Charter weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to refrain from consuming fish, wine and oil, and dry food for lunch in other days and weekends, this post and in the days of remembrance of a great saint or wake permitted fish.

According to Saint John Chrysostom, fasting in faith provides strength, strengthens against the forces of spiritual life, and he who prays as follows, and with fasting, not much need, and who needs no lot shall not be covetous and submit alms. Who is fasting, he becomes light and okrylyuyetsya, and vigorous spirit prays.
Why Peter Post comes after Pentecost

We do not fasted during Pentecost, because these days the Lord is with us. Not fasted for the Savior Himself said: "Can ye make the fasted marriage hall, with their wives?" Communication with God is like food for the Christian. So, while we Pentecost zhyvymosya Lord, who communicates with us. "After a long Pentecost fasting especially need to exploit it, we cleared our minds and have become worthy of the gifts of the Holy Spirit - Saint Leo the Great writes. - On this occasion, the Holy Spirit that his hallowed Descent, usually occurs post-national, established a charitable treatment for body and soul, and therefore it should be with due grace. For what is a delight for our foreign rights, is for internal loss and destruction, and vice versa, the more intelligent soul is purified, the more kills the flesh. " Therefore, teachers who enlightened example and orientations of all members, beginning the battle for Christ marked the holy fasting that, based on the battle of spiritual abuse, have a good weapon for this. After all, our opponents are invisible and disembodied enemies can not defeat us unless we dohodzhatymemo carnal passions.

St. Leo of Rome wrote: "From the apostolic rules naviyav God Himself, pervostoyateli church, by instruction of the Holy Spirit, the very first determined that all deeds of kindness start of Lent. This they did because the commandments of God can perform well only when the host Christ will be protected from all the temptations of sin holy keeping. So, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we must exercise in fasting mainly present when zapovidayetsya fast, with the end of fifty days after the Resurrection to the descent of the Holy Spirit, made us in a special celebration. This post has been commanded to protect us from safety, which easily fall through long-term permit for food, which we used. If Niva our flesh does not handle continuously, it is easy to grow thorns, and brought a fruit that does not to collect the granary, and condemned to be burned. Therefore we have now with all diligence to keep the seed which he received in the heart of our heavenly Sower, and beware that a jealous enemy somehow spoiled bestowed by God, and not Virtue in Paradise rose thorns of vices. And avert this evil can only mercy and fasting. "

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