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Northwest of Yaremche, near ski resort Bukovel, the village Polyanitsya (sometimes called Palianyts'a). Once the settlement was named Polanica-Popovychivska because it was owned by a man named Popovich, and Polyanitsya derivative name is from the valleys, which means "mountain valleys, which were owned by Popovic. Another version of the origin of the name literally marks the place of settlement "Polyanytsi" which means "burnt place. The first written mention of Polyanitsya was 1820.

In the early twentieth century. Prince of Liechtenstein in the village acquired many estates, and obtained the right to hunt. Subsequently, he provided funds to build a church, which ended in 1912 and to mark the holiday into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin. In 1946 the church burned down. Only in 1990 the village erected a new church, also dedicated to the celebration into the Temple. Nearby are the new church funeral of Austrian soldiers who fell in battle during the First World War.

Today Polyanitsya - a village that is rapidly developing since the construction of the resort Bukovel, because the lifts can reach on foot in just 20 minutes. Here there is a wide range of services - food, accommodation, rent ski equipment.

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