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This three-day action, youth al'piniada, is a test for novices. In fact foresees an ascent on winter Goverlu on the slopes of which even worldly-wise tourists bludyat' in summer. And by a fee «tea-pots» for boldness is dedication in alpinists. «Goverlyana» is thought of for those, who has a minimum experience of movement and life in mountains and wants greater. But suggest to remember the dedication experimental alpinists and mentally to pass him again. Now with us.

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There are a lot of criteria after which tourists elect a that or other mountain-skier resort. Slopes, lifts, prices, service, comfort of entrance, image et cetera. That to put at the first place, everybody decides independently. On a question to «What exactly Dragobrat?» two young skiers which near self-control sipped hot wine from plastic glasses answered shortly: «Because here class!» The zealous lovers of mountain pattens going on Dragobrati, probably, not only, that it is good to drive and rest. This place has the aura. There is feeling, that here all of acquaintances. Simply all the same some «dragobrativske fraternity». Even those, who arrived in the first time, become it quickly. Mainly is sincere fascination by a mountain-skiing, and other - it is important not so.

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Dispersed an almost sheer steep slope so that only to wind sing in ears, and on pattens to jump out on thin, kil'kasantimetrovu ice of mountain lake, and to manage to slide on it, splashing on sides the melted water which fully covers tailings of ice already, and to get out on a far bank so that not to dive in protalinu. Poorly? And it only one of many traditional entertainments on a sporting musical festival «Planet of Dragobrat». In this year «Planet» collects friends on April, 27 - on Mays, 2. About that which a festival will be, his organizers tell.

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It is tested in mountains Carpathians

An experiment passed on the base of tourist complex «Legend of Carpathians» in a village Old Corners, that near-by a township Kosiv on Ivano-frankivschini. Correspondent of magazine «Carpathians» never dealt with horse, however got a task to become a horsewoman. Horse saw a journalist first. Only due to intervention from an instructor from riding of Galina Rodiginoy and its helper Natalia Gulenchin did without excesses.
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on December, 7-9 is FESTIVAL «SAINTED the FIRST SNOW», settlement of Yasinya Rakhivskogo to the district, Zakarpatska area

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- What does need to be known and how to prepare to rolling on slopes? Above all things is experience of rolling. To begin to go for a drive out of routes, it is necessary to have a high enough level of rolling, especially on virgin soil and in the conditions of aggressive relief (narrow corridors, rocky appearances, steep slope). If a man has serious experience already, it is sure in the forces and prepares to the off-the-airway lowering, I insistingly would recommend carefully to learn relief of the future lowering - after a picture or from the nearby areas of slope. Then make an attempt go around the most dangerous areas...
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Yet nowhere by snow and did not smell, and a mountain-skier season was already opened in the natural boundary of Dragobrat. So takes a place practically annually. And this winter and even more. In fact tourist center of «Dragobrat» not simply nayvisokogirnisha (it is on height of 1400 meters above a sea level) in Carpathians. An unique microclimate dominates in this place - the winter is here longer, than somewhere in Ukraine... In the end, as mountain pattens become all more mass, the all more popular is do «Dragobrat».
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To pick up the individual program of rest in a tourist complex «Bukovel'» (village of Polyanicya of the Ivano-Francovsk area) in accordance with the desires and size of pocket-book - fully really. A resort provides service, quality of routes and equipment, novelty for the tourists of different status and age - from junior to the senior mountain-skier...
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Winter fristayl

Спортивні funkcioneri consider that by the center of development of fristaylu the navchal'no-sportivna base of «Zaroslyak» must become in Ukraine (smt. Vorokhta, Ivano-frankivschina). At the end of 2004 years, building of modern springboard, additional complex is here completed for all of directions of fristaylu, and also territory is taken for placing of audience.
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On Malanku - in Vashkivci!

The winter is a period of carnivals and changing clothes. February rages Brazilian samboy and Нью-орлеанським Mardi Grasom, and here Ukraine does not expect the end of the winter azh, in plenty to have fun under a mask. And although vashkivecka «pereberiya» is yet not so known, as Brazilians are semi bare, it an action with every year collects all more guests in the Bukovina township.
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