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0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 12 » The winter is on «Bukoveli»
The winter is on «Bukoveli»

The winter is on «Bukoveli»

To pick up the individual program of rest in a tourist complex «Bukovel'» (village of Polyanicya of the Ivano-Francovsk area) in accordance with the desires and size of pocket-book - fully really. A resort provides service, quality of routes and equipment, novelty for the tourists of different status and age - from junior to the senior mountain-skier...

   first: will find out, where and on what it is possible to economize. Fully really to reduce in a price charges on dwelling, if to settle not in the hotel of «Bukovelyu», but in one of private farmsteads not far away. There are enough variants in Polyanici, Yablunici, Tatarovi, Mikulichini, Vorokhti, Yaremchi, to Kolomii. In a season the owners of resort hotels organize permanent transfers on a resort. For a half price it is possible also to get an equipment and subscription on self-controls. For this purpose it is needed to be not too lazy and arrive in «Bukovel'» in the morning. In the cashdesks of resort from 8.00 to 9.00 sell the proper cards with a 50-percent discount. Such action lasts during all of season 2006-2007. A task is second: to look after about that each of our family had fun in accordance with the possibilities and tastes. Consequently, a dad and mother stand on pattens. Have nine routes (50 kilometres of lowerings) of different level of complication - both for «tea-pots» and for «aces». Fourteen lifts, and consequently, there are not turns. At an entrance on self-control not very much to prowl on pockets in search of subscription. A new plastic card has a built-in chip and read automatically. Quadrennial daughter only studies to ride and needs guardianship. «Bukovel'» foresaw child's ground which at the same time is for a kid ski school. A child can be left on instructors in any comfortable for adults time from 9.00 to 16.45. the «Child's» slope is equipped mul'tiliftom. There is a merry-go-around and a lot of toys on a route. While daughter under the intent supervision of with a «mustache nyaniv» seizes turns a «plough», parents enjoy the ski rolling. And here that to do persons interested to to to the ekstrimu teenager, when do not pattens already how «pin»? Recommend to get a lesson snoubordu at grown man ski school. There is sense to learn sliding, traverse and «progression», as in this season in «Bukoveli» openly fan-park for a «board». Three complexes of obstacles and springboards from snow in the evening are lighted up. Therefore the impressions it will be enough to neither snoubordistam nor audience.

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