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Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » for beginners
for beginners

for beginners

This three-day action, youth al'piniada, is a test for novices. In fact foresees an ascent on winter Goverlu on the slopes of which even worldly-wise tourists bludyat' in summer. And by a fee «tea-pots» for boldness is dedication in alpinists. «Goverlyana» is thought of for those, who has a minimum experience of movement and life in mountains and wants greater. But suggest to remember the dedication experimental alpinists and mentally to pass him again. Now with us.

Direction. Time. Money

In our group there were over three ten of people in age from 17 to 57. About it we knew on the agreed place of collections - railway station of Vorokhti. Reached here from Ivano-Francovsk by suburban appetence, known as «Red ruta». Three with a half hours a ride was costed by 6 hryvnyas.

In Vorokhti the leader of group, chairman of the Ivano-Francovsk regional federation of mountaineering Vasiliy Zavalko, expected on us. All was loaded in GAS-66 and yet hour «trembled» a mountain road to the sporting base of «Zaroslyak», that at the foot of Goverli. (In two days returned the same machine, passage in both the directions costed 12 hryvnyas from a «nose»).

Actually in «Zaroslyaku» and were based during al'piniadi. At dwelling paid yet for 18 hryvnyas from a person (in numbers - for four men, shower and rest room - on a floor). Fed for an own mean (a meal was brought with itself).

  Slope. Ice-axe

In the first day for dinner an instructor, head of Kosivskoy of district federation of mountaineering Michael Sapriyanchuk, declared collection of novices. Complete equipment (wind-proof suit, shoe of type of «vibram», special getri-«likhtari», mittens, antisun glasses, mask from wind) plus an ice-axe and - shikuys' to first lessons.

At first theory - governed technicians of safety in winter mountains and feature of movement a snow-bound slope. Does know that more than 200 types of snow are? Eskimos distinguish so much - in their dictionary for description of snows it is reserved 211 words. Each means of them, approximately, such: «biliy-bilyusin'kiy-duzhe-pukhkiy-sche-ne-roztopleniy-soncem». Consequently, a lecture lasted minutes fifteen. Practical employments - three hours. Vprivayuchi and concentrated sopuchi, we contested with snow, with ice-axes and with itself. Seized, how to go in a group, how to avoid near-accidents, how zarubuvatisya, when carries you, how to go out on a slope and return downward.

Already left twilight from «Zaroslyaka» to the weather-station, that on the mountain of Pozhizhevska. A transition lasted very little more hour. A month climbed for this time. The impressions canceled a fatigue full. Therefore a supper showed oneself merry.

The next day studies lasted from 11 to 17 hour. Again went out on Pozhizhevsku, but another way: on a spine, from there - on a top, to the weather-station and already by a familiar by a road - on a base. During a hike worked off the search of man under the obstructions of snow and grant a victim of the first aid; lowering in a pair with organization of insurance by a lace and ledoruba; technique of getting up of group on a slope with insurance but other A weather changed for this time. A frost increased to to minus 15, a wind-break rose - on a reverse way he «hammered» in breathing. Water from a source near a base showed oneself warm: after a mouthful warmed a mouthful throat.

In the evening neighbours on a room a lot of hours in succession remembered different times and events and told truthful «strashilki». Psychologically we prepared to the ascent on Goverlu.

Wind. Top. Wind

The guarantors of safety - collapsible detachment of rescuers arrived in the morning. In their accompaniment under surveillance of instructor and leader of expedition a group went out on an ascent. Checked up an equipment, counted up the amount of «chairmen». Moved through the forest on a slope. Once again called the roll. And - up, after each other by a zig-zag, as taught.

Snow - quite other, than on Pozhizhevskiy. There step to the left, step to the right from a path - and you zastryagaesh for a neck in skiddings. Snow is pressed here, vistudzheniy and dried up wind. Went promarkovanim sticks by a way, rose steps, cut down in icy tverdi. Two hours forty minutes - and we above Carpathians, on goverlyanskomu tim’I.

On a top is minus 20 °С. Icy wind rages, does not give to pour from a thermos in the pot of tea - splashes drops so, that only some get in a vessel. On eyebrows, on cilia, for somebody - on moustaches and a hoarfrost and icicles grow on a beard. Mittens, what of us took off, already not to unbend - barely prostromlyaemo hands in them. Another effort is a photo on memory: became a shoulder up to shoulder, to a sun and wind by the back, on one time-dva-tri returned, hotshot «chi-I-I-iz». And - immediately downward.

Lowering (on heels, by steps) occupied half as much time. On verge of the forest we stopped and caught one's the breath. All of «chairmen» in place, the trauma are not. A hike was succeeded.

Tunnel. Oath. Kiss

The last test expected on the fringe of the forest. Will go «to the right - will become an alpinist, will go to the left - on a sofa will sit» life, - a tablet called on cross-roads. On the right move a step! And suddenly - «u-u-u!», «a-a-a!», - snowdrifts howled on either side of path and pushed on us. We - under a bridge through Twig. From above is a rukotvorna «avalanche». «I am a possessor of these mountains, Goverlya-ya-yan.», - some chimera led and pounded all without an exception in a snow tunnel. They can it was only creep. Yet for portions of snow on every head and - in the «honoured corridor» from ski sticks. «Navkarachki!» - the «possessor of mountains» commands, apparently tishachis' from the role.

On a slope before a base a snow fortress appeared in times of our ascent. To its gate an icy path and another tunnel was laid. Here novices accepted an oath. In sad earnest promised not to eat yellow snow, not drink water higher that place, where the instructor of sock wears away, and yet much alike. After it together with scratched out similar to itself on a slippery slope and jostled itself in a tunnel. An ice-axe was brought every head which appeared from there on a kiss and nailed the seal of alpinist club «bril'yantovim green on a brow». Said parting word from now on the real alpinists by the spoon of «fiery water».

Later all of participants of action got marks in memory about the submission of winter Goverli. In actual fact the piece of cold metal with inscription of «Goverlyana» meant much anymore is knowledge, experience, fraternity.

  Zavalko, leader of the Ivano-Francovsk regional federation of mountaineering:

- Youth winter al'piniada in Carpathians is conducted annually. «Goverlyana» borned in 1963 years from an easy hand Yaroslava Kurusa, one of founders of frankivskogo al'pklubu. At first was a local action, now - allukrainian. Traditionally conducted at the end of January - at the beginning of February. In «Goverlyani» the exceptionally organized groups take part under the direction of experimental alpinists and instructors, escorted by rescuers. Last year on Goverlu Kievites, Kharkov, Odessa, rose together with frankivchanami.

Except for alpinists-beginners and tourists (they can join in with a group on the stage of studies), spark-gaps walk on «Goverlyanu». They zaymayut'sya separately from novices, on other program. And also prepare for candidates a way on Goverlu (mark a route, cut through steps) and arrange the ceremony of dedication. A ceremony has traditional elements which are passed from a generation in a generation: overcoming of obstacles, perevdyagannya on characters of local legends, oath. But on the whole it is improvisation, fun which foresees considerable portion of jokes and humour.

  Vegerinska, student, member al'pklubu «Carpathians»:

- «Goverlyana» - this was my first output in mountains. All was first is an and road, and base, and snow for a belt, and practical employments. I very worried, because physically was not geared-up to the ascent. And yet almost knew nobody. Thought that will drag oneself along one somewhere behind. Very heavily was adaptation and the first day studies. Both I was not obeyed by an ice-axe or gruzla in snow on a slope. In the end already quite knocked out from forces. Second day also was heavy, that is why with fear expected the submission of Goverli. And then did not notice, as went out on a top.

Al'piniada left the best impressions yet and because us, novices, people which became our good friends at once taught and accompanied. Now I regularly walk in mountains. This year again will arrive on «Goverlyanu»!

  Kushnirenko, press-photographer of magazine «Carpathians. Tourism. Rest»:

- In winter on Goverlu I, «tea-pot», went in the first time. A most problem was a psychological crisis during an ascent. Fear which will not overcome a way to the top, at some instant became physiology especially: knees trembled, a heart knocked, thumped in temples, scrapped air. Seemed, will fall down presently. There were two ways: forward, on a mountain, how back, on a base. During employments mastered basic rules: if went out from a camp - must not be a load for other, must go, otherwise all of group halts an ascent. Wilfully to unstuck and returning is categorically impossible. It was to seize by itself. I stopped and, deeply breathing, «meditated» a few minutes. As soon as calmed down, a good feel returned. On Goverlu after it, maybe, ran out simply.

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