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0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 21 » «Planet of Dragobrat»
«Planet of Dragobrat»

«Planet of Dragobrat»

Dispersed an almost sheer steep slope so that only to wind sing in ears, and on pattens to jump out on thin, kil'kasantimetrovu ice of mountain lake, and to manage to slide on it, splashing on sides the melted water which fully covers tailings of ice already, and to get out on a far bank so that not to dive in protalinu. Poorly? And it only one of many traditional entertainments on a sporting musical festival «Planet of Dragobrat». In this year «Planet» collects friends on April, 27 - on Mays, 2. About that which a festival will be, his organizers tell.

  KARPUSHIN, chairman of technical committee of Federation of ski types of sport of Ukraine, representative of firm «ROSSIGNOL» in Ukraine, founder of tourist firm «Albion» (city Kyiv), sport master, 36 years on pattens:

- «Planet of Dragobrat» - it more than simply festival. It, if want, original motion which predetermines the way of life, large holiday for the supporters of active rest. Unique, as for Ukraine, action which passes in unique, as for Ukraine, place.

Only in the natural boundary of Dragobrat at the beginning of May it is possible to find enough snow for the leadthrough of mountain-skier competitions. Sporting part of festival is traditionally combined from vidpochinkovoy so, that each of participants and guests is in a position and in earnest pozmagatisya, and no less in earnest to have fun... Before we invited musicians, now they declare about the desire on festas. This year plan to do powerful evening shows with many competitions and prizes for an audience. Will present the new models of pattens and snoubordiv from a firm «ROSSIGNOL», will conduct their testing. Will arrange a show pret-a-porte clothes and equipment for active rest of season autumn 2007 is the winter 2008...

Gennady SUPRUGOV, leader of private mountain-skier school, is «Deer» (city Kyiv), sport master, trainer, 47 years on pattens:

- Competition from mountain pattens for amateurs and veterans constantly conducted on Dragobrati from 1998 year. A «planet» grew actually from such tournaments. In 2002 years so much our friends, acquaintances and their acquaintances and friends, went down here, that it became clearly: other format is needed. The initiator of transformation of competition on a sporting musical festival was our comrade Alex Karpushin.

Present «Planet of Dragobrat» will begin the competitions of Cup of Ukraine from a mountain-skiing. On a route sportsmen, veterans and amateurs, will go out traditionally. All of organizers will take part in a tournament also - each of us does not think the life without mountain pattens. It is important that public which will be able to estimate our heroic efforts on a slope going.

director of tourist complex «Dragobrat», former trainer from a mountain-skiing (city Poltava), 35 years on pattens:

- Consent, to go for a drive on pattens in a bikini under a sun, which cauterizes, - it exotic things are certain. The «planet of Dragobrat» symbolizes the end of large winter mountain-skier season and actually is the holiday of his closing...

...On the slopes of mountain Stack will be passed by main sporting actions festa. And at a foot the main stage will be unfolded. Our peppercorn - new tubing-route long 200 meters. On it within the framework of small sledge festival will conduct races - such amateur bob-sled itself. Plan to arrange also a competition from a cross-country борд-кросу and cross-country скі-кросу. Adrenalin exactly will be enough!

Peter GRAPENYUK, director of tourist complex «Oasis», president of Association, is «Драгобрат-тур» (settlement of Yasinya of the Zakarpatskoy area), 33 years on pattens:

- Opening of bathing season traditionally passes on the protected lake near «Oasis». Fun lasts from dinner till morning the next day: extreme lowerings by slopes, on which snow, icy font, sweet-scented glintveyn of Carpathians, lies yet, supper on the terrace of restaurant simply under sunsets, music, inflammatory dances till morning. This bout we again will arrange free charters on an evening-party from all dragobratskikh bases of rest.

New in our program is a small sledge festival on toboganakh and «pidguzkakh». Whoever knows that it such, let prepare - will rotin, will teach, from a mountain will allow. Arrange model appearances of bicyclists, parade of pozashlyakhovikiv, kvadrocikliv, motor cycles and scooters and progulyankovi arrivals on them for all of persons interested. Plan to present bicycle and equestrian routes for Svidovcyu and suggest to protest their participants of festival. Want to do sainted, which will show potency of Dragobratu and will leave nobody indifferent.

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