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Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 13 » Here begin and conclude a ski season
Here begin and conclude a ski season

Here begin and conclude a ski season

Yet nowhere by snow and did not smell, and a mountain-skier season was already opened in the natural boundary of Dragobrat. So takes a place practically annually. And this winter and even more. In fact tourist center of «Dragobrat» not simply nayvisokogirnisha (it is on height of 1400 meters above a sea level) in Carpathians. An unique microclimate dominates in this place - the winter is here longer, than somewhere in Ukraine... In the end, as mountain pattens become all more mass, the all more popular is do «Dragobrat».

   on povnoprividnikh

Consequently the nearest to the tourist center is inhabited a point is a settlement of Yasinya Rakhivskogo to the district of the Zakarpatskoy area. Here to reach relatively simply - say, oh a 9 morning to drive out from a regional center Ivano-Francovsk by a bus, a ticket on which will cost 12 hryvnyas suddenly. A journey will last over two hours.

And here from Yasini to reach to the tourist center already more difficult (must notice that these complications frighten off those, who densely «sat» down on dragobrativske ski rolling not at all). A bus has a stop after a bridge in the center of village. On the contrary there is a parkuval'niy ground the shop of «Ilona», where you will find a povnoprividni auto - on them and bring to the necessary you natural boundary. Eight kilometres sufficiently extreme dirt road it is possible to overcome on yasinyanskomu Gas-66 which contains to ten persons. This pleasure will cost you 20 hryvnyas «from a nose». If you will choose Uazik or «Field», a driver will ask 100 hryvnyas for a machine...

   and hungry will not remain

Will talk about that, on what service it is possible to expect. On a tourist center (hotel into 74 places and two cottages - yet on 20 holiday-makers) decent numbers are with sanvuzlom, shower, television set, dwelling in which costs 200-230 hryvnyas. In this sum enters and paying for breakfast and supper - sufficient, to be not hungry. Feed here sufficiently deliciously. Having dinner is possible in a restaurant. But if you arrived here not for that to sit in four walls, it is better to be refuelled calories from the kitchen of quick-cooking (cafes of «Kuryatnya», two cabins) near self-controls...

Now nearer to the pattens. The rental of equipment costs 50-70 hryvnyas. Four self-controls operate, one of them the so-called child (bebi elevator). Length of two basic lifts is for 1000 meters (a cost of favour is 8 hryvnyas for one getting up, and in the case of acquisition subscription - far fewer, will say for 50 times - for «stranger» 240 hryvnyas, and for the clients of tourist center - 140)...


The natural boundary of Dragobrat attracts that routes here sufficiently various... Will add, that a tourist center has the тюбинг-парк.

  presumably, most pleasure is here got by ekstremali. According to one such admirer of Dragobrata Alexandra Ivaschenko, real kayf for him, when wet snow on lowering grabs a frost, «and you rush actually on ice-storm». Ideally vkatani routes of «Bukovelyu» to Alexander «simply uninteresting».

Local locality attracts frirayderiv in general. Long swift enough lowering, in particular through the forest, by virgin snow - it just that which can offer relief of natural boundary.

Thus speech does not go about an unnecessary danger. Routes promarkovani here, the limit of spine, which rolling is not made to order out of, is marked...

By the way, yet about safety. On a tourist center it is possible to study with instructors, but not on own discretion to twist up itself kark, unsuccessfully to contest with pattens...

And in spare from rolling time

If you vtomilisya from basic entertainment, there will be the auxiliary on a tourist center. There is here a diskotechniy hall, in the cafe of «Shashlichna» it is possible to play in billiards, and at every step it is possible to find out a sauna.

Well, and another stroke. Especially aesthetically beautiful. A tourist center of «Dragobrat» is in a very picturesque place. A natural boundary was disposed in the horseshoe of Svidoveckogo of spine, in opinion of some persistent travelers by mountains, most beautiful in Carpathians (and such idea has a right on existence). Walking up a mountain Stack (on it two basic self-controls are set), it is possible to see the famous tops of Petrosa and Goverli. And in the fragment of East Gorgan is the north opened with the mountains of Doboshanka, Bruise and Hamster...

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