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On horse

On horse

It is tested in mountains Carpathians

An experiment passed on the base of tourist complex «Legend of Carpathians» in a village Old Corners, that near-by a township Kosiv on Ivano-frankivschini. Correspondent of magazine «Carpathians» never dealt with horse, however got a task to become a horsewoman. Horse saw a journalist first. Only due to intervention from an instructor from riding of Galina Rodiginoy and its helper Natalia Gulenchin did without excesses.

To be not afraid, to make friends

Horse stood in denniku (stall) and chewed a grass - breakfasted. A very handsome guy is a stallion, adopted for a colour Raven, heaved up the first a head and began askance to examine a stranger. «He - restive, - Galina Rodigina acquaints us. it is the Real racehorse. Obeys only that, who demonstrates character». A raven struck a back leg, began to the neigh and predisposed to the mare of brown colour. «It is his girl-friend Star, - an instructor continues. it is Daughter of race mare and vagovoza. Quiet, but stubborn - for it we call it a «stand». A horse crunched a hay phlegmatically. «And here Dotterel - damochka of delicate and impressionable character, - a mrs. Galina pets a grey in apples horse. - Loves, when it is helped to the sweets. And does not stand to go the last - bites front for feet».

The first governed: with a horse an instructor acquaints from riding, tells about that, properly with him to behave, accompanies a novice during socializing with an animal, zagnuzduvannya and saddling, and also on an up-river walk.

  the high class of establishment which offers to the tourists riding testifies that after a rider gets possibility independently to manage a horse instructing. An instructor is alongside and explains the features of process. If you in a saddle, and an occasion is in the hands of man which simply conducts an animal on a path, know: it not riding, but an instructor was name a groom probably. The last is a virtuoso in cleaning of dennika and care of horse. Unlike him, an instructor (master-rider) is engaged in that which goes around horse and teaches them to walk under a saddle with tourists.

«A horse is an animal to my surprise clever, - a mrs. Galina encourages us to walk up nearer. - He understands words, reacts on intonation. Before to dress a bridle and saddle on a horse, talk with him, make friends. In any case be not afraid. Horse feel energy of man - they do not obey cowards, are capricious and can even make an attempt them to whip off». When touch a silky mane and conduct a hand on a velvet skin, fear disappears unexpectedly. A star pricks up one's the ears, listens and in the end forkae friendliness. «Time to undertake after upryazh», - the helper of instructor Natalia prompts.

The second governed: it does not follow to go near a horse behind. An animal must see a man, otherwise not to avoid a blow a hoof. Sitting down on a horse is needed on the left.

A girl inlays bits in the mouth of animal and shows, as straps and occasion must lie. It destroys a mare from a stall, takes away a saddle, and we saddle together. A star is a horse high! When to stand alongside, stirrups are at the level of breasts of rider. And how to climb on such «stand»? Do without taburetki. Leg - higher in all, by a hand - after to the bow of saddle, Natalia pushes slightly and one р-р-раз - already above. Feel a mister above the world.

To tame itself, feel a horse

A route lies through the liquid oak forest. Horse know a path well. An instructor is ahead on Crow. Its helper is a bit behind built on on Dotterel. A mrs. Galina demonstrates landing features in a saddle, explains, how to hold an occasion, with the help of what sounds and motions govern.

The third governed: a rider in a saddle must synchronize an occasion and shenkeli (the, insides of leg of rider turned to the horse are from a knee to the stone).

A man must manage a horse, utillizing hands and feet. Exactly shenkeli, but not hands, are the basic mean of management. Knees after all of rules must be pinned against a saddle. Fifth feet in a stirrup - tomentous donizu. Buttocks, knees and feet, are those three points supports which support a horseman in a saddle. For the transmission of commands utillize an occasion hands. A rider squeezes and pushes a horse shenkelyami, complementing these motions tensioning an occasion - commands are so passed to the animal to walk ahead, to return, to change a pace, stopped. For example, before a turn to the right easily pritiskayut' right shenkel', then draw a right occasion so that an animal turned a chairman and a rider saw the back edge of its eye (it position of chairman is named raising of horse sdws turn). At the same time a bodyweight is carried on a right buttock. It is «important to make mildness of motions - such sensitiveness of hands and feet, to manage a horse without jerks», - Galina Rodigina marks.

From a theory pass to practice. Successfully rushaemo from a place. A star goes at an even walk simply after Raven. But wherein he walks around the low branches of trees, a mare tries nick in. Once or twice it will be to be bent down. «Not let us go it, at own sweet will, - an instructor prompts. - Horse always tests a rider, it is therefore better at once to show him a hard hand. you, but not animal, guilty to boss situation!» And if will bear?

The fourth governed. Quietly, but vigorously, it follows to cut initiative short of horse from the beginning. The least delay - and an animal indeed can go out from a submission. In a saddle place only sure and brave!

It is desirable to be brave, and sure. The more so, that already are in a saddle, and a mrs. Galina on Crow is removed. Forward, Zirochko, let, a sun! you are a beautiful, obedient girl!.. At some instant in consciousness something is commuted as though. And suddenly - can, genetic memory breaks forth on will, experience of praschuriv-amazons is forgotten, some trifle of blood of gunniv lets know about itself, ariiv or toltekiv, - all becomes into the places. In a saddle - well and gladly. Motions of horse coincide a surprising rank with your own. An animal indeed obeys the least gesture. Swim, no, here already fly chvalom between trees, hold a horse and at the same time give a vent him, because know: Zirochko, kobilko, «tumbochko» you are my road, are we with you one blood. Yes, seems, talked Maugli, taming the inhabitants of wild jungles. Tpru-u-u!

To become a rider

Pass fifteen minutes, as if an instant. «For a man which until now rode a horse never, it is optimum time of the first lesson», - Galina Rodigina explains. Return to the stall. Horse understand and gladly hurry a path. Star in general ignores a few last meters presence of rider on the back. Chimshvidshe, without regard to the strained occasion vudila, what, obviously, cut it a mouth, it reaches to the bucket with water. Drinks voraciously. It will be to expect, to jump down.

  a rider is accountable for a horse. He must take into account his necessities and desires, and also care of safety of animal.

A horseman must not send a horse in difficult of access places, where he can be injured. After completion of walk it follows to unsaddle a horse, wipe him, make a drunk and feed. By such method a tourist becomes the real rider.

«Between a horse and man already from the first minutes of intercourse a trust and friendliness is set, - an instructor summarizes. - If on some reason of it did not happen, the best to change a horse. Usually an animal elects a horseman, but not vice versa. Certainly, it can be tamed. But take into account that in such fight an amateurish rider will lose pleasure from riding».

Physiology pleasure from a walk astride indeed outstanding. First hours feel getting up, all of body sings simply. Till evening begin to understand where shenkeli are - calve and knees «yell». On the second day to general choir (feet, small of the back, back) pelvic muscles are added. The third brings a day enormous facilitation and unexpected sadness. Begin to look over a photo, for a long time reflect above maintenance of word «rider», as chance offers buy a manual on equestrian tourism, vipozichaesh leginsi (trousers are in obtyazhku), pack a suitcase. How many there days to the eyelids-endu?


Dressed for riding must be such, that did not limit motions. Sporting pantaloons are made to order or leginsi. Trousers - long, not to rub shenkeli. Shoe - krosivki, sporting shoes.

• Horse do not love noise. It is impossible to yell in a saddle, to squeak and yelp from the abundance of hearts. An animal is frightened and becomes out of control.

• Horse are irritated by the smell of alcohol. The drunk riders of animal are thrown down. Some do not take cigarette smoke also.

• Horse love, when they are treated from a hand on the opened palm. A pinch-off fist is considered as a threat.

• Horse have excellent memory on good and for spite. Changing the first impression of horse about a man is almost impossible.

For information:

Cost of hour in a saddle - from 20 to 50 hryvnyas, depending on the class of establishment, presence of instructor and tour guide. Walks on horse for tourists arrange turagencii, sporting clubs, cells of rural tourism, and also proprietors of private resort hotels and farmsteads. About a group round it costs to be finished say preliminary.

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