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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Dragobrat


There are a lot of criteria after which tourists elect a that or other mountain-skier resort. Slopes, lifts, prices, service, comfort of entrance, image et cetera. That to put at the first place, everybody decides independently. On a question to «What exactly Dragobrat?» two young skiers which near self-control sipped hot wine from plastic glasses answered shortly: «Because here class!» The zealous lovers of mountain pattens going on Dragobrati, probably, not only, that it is good to drive and rest. This place has the aura. There is feeling, that here all of acquaintances. Simply all the same some «dragobrativske fraternity». Even those, who arrived in the first time, become it quickly. Mainly is sincere fascination by a mountain-skiing, and other - it is important not so.

On a mountain

   a way is to the natural boundary of Dragobrat with two transplantations and extreme finish, does not tire in spite of everything. The most interesting area of road is begun with the settlement of Yasinya, from the so-called «exchange». There passengers are expected by the local drivers of auto - UAZ-469 and GAS-66. Maybe, such strong machines and a few brands of modern jeeps are able in winter to overcome this route only, and with the obligatory condition of the proper experience of driver. It is otherwise better in general not to try. To order UAZ (four passengers) costs 100 hryvnyas, and GAS (8-10 passengers) - twice as much.

Distance from a «exchange» to self-controls makes 16 kilometres somewhere: half - by a route in the side of Rakhova, then to the right and eight kilometres of truthful mountain avtoekstrimu. Although usually tourists exaggerate something the impressions from this journey. In any event the special danger not felt. Probably, all depends on a driver.

Our was called Ivan (on local - Yonchi), he asserted that rode this road right through life, and, obviously, told the truth. Ivan led the of almost thirty years «uazikom» confidently, even merrily, had time to answer journalistic questions and banter with a passenger business, here once or twice very well hid our auto from a meeting machine in a «pocket» (short dead-locked branch).

A road is narrow, cleaned out a tractor, from one side is an or two-meter wall of snow, or precipice with trees on a slope and semifrozen stream down. For 40 minutes of journey we had time to discuss almost all of aspects of heavy life of drivers and journalists in Ukraine, to admire landscape and to shake down something easy breakfast. Speaking, must were perekrikuvati a motor. A driver told, that after every season he «sorts» out an auto almost fully. Therefore from a that machine, that in 1977 year drove out from a factory, now there is only a basket. But an auto rides, and rides well.

By a road all more frequent - both on the left or business - there were snow-bound private hotels. We approached a purpose. Finally - «you are welcomed by Dragobrat!» Thank Ivan and him to the immortal jeep. By us a small (years six) girl flies on pattens quite, steeply opened out and stopped at the wall of the nearest cottage.

Tale of woe

  once there are two brothers-Gemini in Carpathians. Names folk translations did not save them, and here history of love was converted into beautiful legend. As it is in parallel instances, fellows came to love one girl. To choose fiance a guzul decided with the help of original tender is who the first from brothers will bring it an edelweiss (on local «silk kosicyu»), that will become her husband. And this flower - presently added to the Red book, in Carpathians meets very rarely - grows on rocks, and that to blow off it, it is needed to risk life. In love boys rushed racing one another and broke away in an abyss.

After some time settlement society is disturbed absence of brothers appealed to the local police with a request about searches. Three gendarmes went out into mountains and ...petrified on approaches to one of tops. Talk, that as only Gemini perished on rocks, this place became charmed. Vain guzul, when knew brothers about death, long cried and died of grief. Very tale of woe.

Since then a comfortable natural boundary, pidkovopodibna cavity between mountains, has the name of Dragobrat. Two mountains alongside - Bliznici (Small and Large, 1778 and 1883 meters). On a way to to more high from tops tourists pass a spine through Gendarmes (three humps with rocky precipices). The lake of Ivor is there located - the tears of unencouraging beautiful woman are poured out.

   in sky

Main advantage of this mountain-skier resort is that in winter snow always lies here. From December and, at least, to the middle of May it is possible to go for a drive on pattens. Natural terms are instrumental in it: visokogir’ya (1400 meters) and mountains which close a natural boundary and create a microclimate. Flying this mestome, a duty careless cloud is necessarily caught for surrounding tops and stopped above a «horseshoe». Hangs so, while will not give all of snow. Although George Bidniy, director of tourist complex «Dragobrat», explains this phenomenon little different - by a hole in sky. Such ordinary hole in which snow` falls and a sun peeps itself.

Certainly, tourists knew such place since olden times. As early as the first half of the XX century in Zakarpatti there was a network of tourist refuges which stood on pedestrian routes. But mountain-skier self-controls then were not yet put. Old refuges were destroyed by wars, time and human negligence. At soviet power on Dragobrati built the so-called avalanche laboratory - wooden cottage «without comforts», where professorship MGU and various chiefs arrived to rest from labours state. A rope road worked there. In 1991 year, building burned out - the frozen solid on a cruel frost, a tree loses moisture and burns, as a match. For the origin of fire it is enough carelessly to behave owners in the way of life.

 <javascript:coolpopup('/images_07/7_032.jpg',80,80,375+16,500+43,'Карпати. Tourism. Vidpochinok','');>Основний development of mountain-skiing and tourism began on Dragobrati in 1993 years. George is the Poor, former sportsman and trainer, with experience in Tadjikistan, on Caucasus and Ural, and a few his friends decided to mount here decent self-control and to build an apartment for tourists. Did major repairs of old «kanatki» from which supports left only, put two cottages. Through the pair of years brought from Italy another bugel'niy drew out. Consequently, main for mountain-skier tourism are lifts and slopes - was already. And then the mass began and something chaotic building of infrastructure. But may need a few years publicity «untwisting», that from 2000 year of Dragobrat became indeed popular among tourists.

Today a resort can accept approximately 1000 tourists-skiers simultaneously. Over two ten of riznoformatnikh hotels is built in a natural boundary. Two work bugel'nikh self-controls (for 1000 meters) and «tarilochniy» (700 meters) on a mountain Stack (1707 meters), and also бебі-ліфт (230 meters) on a «educational» slope. Below tourist complex the first is located on the way and naystarsha (now repaired) local building is refuge with the that name of «Dragobrat». Near him there is another self-control long 450 meters. From 2006th started a lift and from a very new hotel «Oasis», that under Gendarmes.

Not because of problems of business, heavy delivery of building materials, products and all that, persistent zakarpatski owners build new cottages and farmsteads every summer. Recently businessmen and firms which are engaged in tourism on Dragobrati united in Association. According to its president Peter Grapenyuka, there are some «undockings» with power, there is a question in relation to genplanu of building of natural boundary, ecology - and fighting more easily together. Aktual'noy is a problem of road. This year on its repair selected one and a half million hryvnyas from a budget. A road over was a bit brought to the order, but it not enough. The firm «Alpenbau» known in Europe suggested on concession terms to make a decent route out of extreme serpentine, but not able to agree with officials.

May - on a ski!

   tourists on Dragobrat ride mass, especially on New Year and on an end a season. There are here foreigners. A middle annual work-load is 70 percents. A hour» of «rushes is winter holidays (on December, 29 - on January, 12), student vacations (first half of February), all of uik-endi, second half of April and beginning of May, when already almost nowhere there is snow. Usually already to October all of places buy turfirmi back of the Ukrainian cities. Prices: 190-270 hryvnyas for days, depending on a place and service. Getting up on a route is four hryvnyas. It is possible to take subscription, then will go out more cheap. A rental of equipment is 50-70 hryvnyas, services of instructor - 50 hryvnyas also. Every morning ratraki work on slopes. Routes do not light up - the nightly rolling is here considered dangerous. Osnizhennya unnecessary - snow is enough.

Unfortunately, at the end of December through the disrepair of flue burned out to foundation two-storeyed adminbudinok (people did not suffer). There was a rental, administrator, shop, bar, diskozal. Corps, built in 2004 years, a year stood only. It Is sorry, certainly, but guidance of complex reported that would not arise up for the guests of inconveniences. By the way, popular among the skiers of «Kuryatnyu» is a wooden cottage near the lower station of self-control, where sell hot wine and various appetizers, - a fire did not hook.

From 1 to May, 9 of Dragobrat closes a mountain-skier season: by festivals, yellow sun and white snow, competitions of sportsmen, amateurs and veterans, shows-programs and appearances of stars of Ukrainian music. Then here zealous skiers go down not simply, but good acquaintances which a long ago was not seen - azh from December.

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