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Головна » 2009 » Жовтень » 12 » Cleanness and order - Where to put garbage?
Cleanness and order - Where to put garbage?

Yaremchanska city advice asks guests, which arrived to rest to Carpathians, save the cleanness of our protected region, sincerely. As a most source of obstruction are offcuts of consumption, very ask you to pay a regard to that, where you throw out wrappings, bottles, packages and other tailings from commodities, that you consume them. Remind: throwing out these unnecessary you things is needed only in trash tanks and urns!

Garbage, imprudently thrown out a tourist, can contaminate earth by decades, or and by ages. Time of disintegration of some artificial products:

Metallic jar from under can food - 10 years

A metallic jar is overfired - 5 years

Wrapping from candies - 20 years

Aluminium jar - 200 years

Polybag - 300 years

Plastic bottle - 500 years

Glass bottle - 1000 years

Trash containers on territory of Yaremchanskogo of edge it is possible to find on the streets of settlements, near bus stops and on the sides of a road of motorways. Trash can always are near shops, cabins, stations and other public places.

Thank those, who does Carpathians cleaner!

History of question

One of important and so far insuperable problems of Yaremchanschini there is a considerable impurit of public space (streets, roads, paths, natural environment) by the offcuts of consumption. Plastic and glass bottles, pieces of tin, packing from candies, cigarette packs, plastic packages which are sparse on all of territory of edge, result in considerable negative consequences, in particular inflict harm to nature, vegetable and animal world of region, harm the health of man, as products of disintegration of offcuts get to soils and waters, negatively influence on the use of resources of region as tourist attractive locality, producing a negative image and turning away tourists to other localities.

Without regard to effort of local-authority of Yaremche (a presence is about 1000 containers, the system of export of garbage is organized, permanent cleaning up of streets by utilits, regular leadthrough of tolok and others like that), by a situation is not improved years: soon after cleaning up new garbage appears on streets and paths. It is possible to draw a conclusion from it, that main reason of impurit of territory of settlements, sides of a road of motorways and forest roads is a low culture of handling offcuts, which is demonstrated as guests of edge, so, unfortunately, and local inhabitants.

About a project

The project of "Politician of cleanness" was incarnate in 2009 year the executive committee of Yaremchanskoy of city advice at support of project of "Maintainance and the permanent use of natural resources of Ukrainian Carpathians ". The aims of project is diminishing of muddiness of territory by domestic garbage and offcuts of spozhi vannya; increase of culture of local inhabitants and tourists in circulation with offcuts that development of integral policy of decision of problem of obstruction at local level.

Within the framework of project the leadthrough of informatively elucidative campaign (2 000 placards, campaign in the internet), research-questioning of the interested groups in relation to the variants of decision of problem of obstruction and development of the project of order of city chairman of m. Yaremche concerted with the interested parties was carried out in relation to providing of cleanness on territory of Yaremchanskogo krayu.

The project of "Politician of cleanness" became one of winners of competition of small projects, "Maintainance conducted within the framework of project and the permanent use of natural resources of Ukrainian Carpathians", which is financed the World fund of guard of wild nature (WWF) and administered Agency of regional development and European integration (m. Lvov). By the partners of project Carpathians and Uzhanskiy national parkas (Ivano-Francovsk and Zakarpatska an area).

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