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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Bear year
Bear year

Bear year

We, people, live actually after a few calendars: society gregorian, church (pravoslavnim, catholic or yet some). And round us thousands of shallow and large creatures live from away other - biological - calendars. True, these do not hang on walls, not less than an important value is had those. Other calendar for a viper, other, - for a trout. Special - for the brown bear of Carpathians.


A year for bears, as well as for us, actually begins in January. In the drugiy-tretiy ten-day period of month bear-cubs appear in the lair covered snow. Mostly them there is odne-dva, but triynya happens. Little people remind soft toys, than serious beasts anymore. They are blind, for them ears are closed, and wool is liquid and short. Bear-cubs weigh to 500 grammes. A mother at once lays new-born child under a mouse or on a stomach - in the most warm places of «living hot-water bottle». It would freeze on bedding. And a dad in that time quietly sleeps in other lair - about a «wife» he forgot a long ago. Interestingly, that an impregnation can take a place before or later, and bear-cubs give birth always in that time.

February, March

In two weeks after appearance on the world little people have considerably more decent kind. They are already covered thick wool. On the third week for them ears are opened, and at the end of the first month are eyes. As well as human babies, bear-cubs, only eat and played. And a mother with application vilizue children and does them a massage...


Only at the beginning of April bears pokidayut' lairs: at first males, and then, when poteplishae, and females with bear-cubs. The long period of sleep made off. Active life begins. As well as every living creature, waking up, bears hurry in « WC», whatever was done four months. A result is the proper. Exactly after this «track» a forest ranger understands that a bear abandoned a lair. Now the organism of beast again functions in an operating condition. And consequently a bear is hungry. Under a skin yet there is a considerable supply of fat. But it not enough. April is the most hungry month of bear calendar. Beast go to the places, where a sun greater warmed earth, where buds and young grass appeared, and they are consumed gladly. In April a bear disdains neither a pine-needle, neither bark nor counterfoils, nibbles at moldering stumps even. Strong males try to hunt and, if they succeed to get, say, fawn, it fully settles the April food problem. And the little people of all of sharpness of situation do not feel, in fact a female bear still feeds with them milk.


A fatty supply is now closed just. But around so much tastinesses. Pacing riznotrav’yam, bears graze, as cows, even those, that hunted recently. Remember, as advertise a very useful germinating wheat. For a bear useful it is peculiar all of just germinating herbares. Besides they are pleasant to the taste, because tender and juicy. It is possible to diversify a ration, sending flying an ant-hill, finding nest of mouse or inverting a log, where smachnyuschi larvae hid.

In this time of bear-cubs in-field to see most easy. They walk after a mother and as though go to initial school and meet with all of bagatomanittyam of the forest world. Though for bears and there is innate instinct, and studies for them also are very important.

To meet bear-cubs interestingly, but at the same time dangerously. Near them, that can trustingly walk up to the man, always alongside mother. It without warning will rush on a man which posmila to get around little people. And in general, seeing a bear, very quietly and slowly depart (not hurry, because it induces a beast to pursue).

May is a sign and that beast begin to fade, - they change a fur coat only one time in a year. New fur will grow from July to October.


It is a month of love; at the end of May - gin comes at the beginning of June. Strong, replete, healthy males and females take part in this action, other live by ordinary life. Other are be single bears and female bears, often more weak or superannuated (bears live to 30), teenagers and females with children, which by then filled half-year. And here the mothers of senior, pivtorarichnikh bear-cubs pokidayut' children and prepare «marry».

Beginning from four years, bears schodva-tri years are coupled. Usually initiative is undertaken by males, at times entering into small duels in a fight for a female.

A bear in that time worries awfully, each time walks around and marks land. For example, becoming on back paws, tears off front the rind of fir-tree (they say, I am what large on), breaks thin saplings in strategic places, intentionally abandons expressive tracks, and also around «places» the standards of the smell. All of it is additional information which helps a pair to find each other.

   there is tikhoyu-nizhnoy, if a pair met before, or more stormy, if it is the first acquaintance. And farther bear, as though small bear-cub, obediently follows after the «fiancee», wherever it followed. Sometimes a female brakes sharply, turns around on chosen one, becoming on back paws, and coquettishly opens a mouth, and male barely deviates and also opens a mouth - it for bears something like pocilunka. And then time comes for more close relations. Together a pair conducts three-six days, if love quite not workaday - to twelve, goes away but then.


It is a month of berries and, presumably, most quiet period in a bear calendar. Males already do not present from itself threatenings border guards. Peculiar, the scopes of lands become conditional enough. And around every enough bear delicacies. Every bear has a taste, gives advantage a that or other plant. In July each is a gourmet: already does not eat everything successively, but chooses more favourite in all. By the way, there are more than hundred plants in the menu of bear. A female breaks off to feed with milk bear-cubs, in fact they and the successful find a meal. Except for that it is needed to pick up a thread forces a female bear and naisti on the winter fatty supply.

In general bears are recluses. They try not to meet with each other (that by chance what did not happen; and every can happen - a cannibalism pobutue). At least, two large bears will live next a door never, and bear-cubs avoid grown man male fully suitable.

But in July, among the variety of berries and herbares, neighbour can peacefully breakfast or have (bears do not have dinner) a supper on one edge of a forest.

A bear has not some memory: remembers all of episodes of the life, all of nooks of the forest, therefore does not make him to find a berry patch labour, where he treated oneself the pas, whether and before last year.

Also a bear perfectly will be oriented in space and never lost in the unknown forest.


 <javascript:coolpopup('/images_07/7_125.jpg',80,80,500+16,359+43,'Карпати. Tourism. Vidpochinok','');>Літо it is time of growth. Bear-cubs grow, bears-teenagers grow. In general these the beast swiftly grow to five years, and then a process is slowed. But in August it is needed to eat a bear already not only, that raise, but also, to accumulate a «strategic» supply. If in spring a bear eats 6-9 kilograms for days, by a summer - 20-25. At the end of summer a bear grazes not simply, but chooses the most high-calorie meal. Glad, as will blunder upon an oat, happy, as apples-windfalls, hornet's nest, will happen; agree to regale oneself ants and their eggs, bukovimi nuts.

It is so, that a bear zvikne to eat a «human meal». Something can pick up after undisciplined tourists or to find offcuts near trash. More delicious and obtained without efforts perekuska will go down in memory a beast, and he can do attempts to get yet «human» meal, not because of natural fear before a man. So becomes a drug «addict» and «vagabond» among bears. Losing fear before a man, he can do misfortunes. And before, how later a dangerous animal down, certainly, will be gunned.


A bear and farther feeds increased. However will work out fat in autumn - not able normally perezimuvati, will not lie in a lair, but will search a meal farther, and can perish in the end. In fact this beast is not adjusted to the trips the winter forest, he freezes in paws.

A bear remembers in autumn, that, though he, as though, and vegetarian, and however most from surface predators. Beginning from four years, a bear hunts on ungulates. Utillizes a lot of different methods and receptions of hunt, considers by relief, weather and many other factors, by one word, behaves, as an experimental hunter.


Bears idly pace the forest, more than usually, putting paws obliquely. In fact animals of naili enough additional kilograms and must «mow», to hold an equilibrium.

Beast look out as chance offers, where it is yet possible to find food, and prepare to bedding in hibernation. Everybody searches a suitable place - natural deepening (cave, pit) or intermediate «product» near which it is yet needed to work. Vivernute with a root or a tree, crater under the root of large tree or impassable thicket, is simply brought down are all candidates on a lair. A bear can settle and in guschaku between young fir-trees. Mainly -, that a lair was unnoticeable, that nobody troubled a bear. A beast with application oblashtovue the winter house, makes bedding out of herbares and leaves. If on some stage something will not please him - searches a new place and begins everything at first.

With the first light frosts bears bed to sleep. Female bears which have bear-cubs arranged more spacious «house», because must be placed with children. And teenagers which soon filled azh two years, to advice, that first managed to arrange itself a lair independently.

A bear year reminds days - presently night, and bears sleep till morning - that to the spring.


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