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Головна » 2010 » Лютий » 9 » And small fish - big fun
And small fish - big fun

And small fish - big fun

Recently, fans of winter fishing in the Ternopil Lake competed who catch the smallest fish. Before the competition fishermen not holylysya, vdyahaly sterehlysya clothes inside out and not to be stopped "road inspectors. This became such a season of competition held for the first time. January twenty-sixth of seven hours on the ice sat 33 members.

Opoludni judge takes to the sky a red rocket. Fishermen converge on the little island to become a start and weigh and measure your catch. The absolute winner is the teacher Yuri Leskov - his biggest fish and the heaviest total catch.

The man explains that these events specifically vidprosyvsya in principal. Shares the secret of good cool - good luck to endow it with something inside wardrobe.

- With great fish, I was not good, then I started to catch small - was joking when fishing competitions Bogdan Fostakovskyy offering a ruler to measure a judge caught him fry.

Judge aligns rybynku, applying a transparent line:

- Seven of eight centimeters and millimeters - great! - Judge concludes. - The smallest is six inches and seven millimeters.
At the event "fishing chat with dormant crucian" organizers awarded not only one who caught the largest rybynu, but - who are the least ...

Mr Andrew fishes only in winter. He says that this kind of fishing is much more like him. For fish under the ice has to go, punching a new hole. There is a daily must take them to 50 to find a place where there is a shoal roach or perch.

During the competition held every fisherman on the ice five hours. Although the outside was about zero and a strong wind blowing, fans argued that no merznut. Most of them were dressed in special warm Fishing boots or shoes himzaschita floor, shoulders - warm coats or jackets with a hood ...

Many fishermen are usually sitting on the ice-hole without gloves - so you can feel better and more convenient vudochku nasylyaty bait on mormyshku ...

Fishermen say that their hobby makes forget about vodka and the beer. A one time poklovka makes adrenaline and charge for a week.

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