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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 19 » We must eat all the cabbage ...
We must eat all the cabbage ...

We must eat all the cabbage ...

Grind quickly pops up time. Year that only began, and behold, on the eve of spring. During the year, varied diet, meal, culinary trends, frequency and consistency of appearance on the table in the kitchen last year's reserves and konservatsiy. We can say with confidence that spring is around the corner, and right now have the most "invent". Finally came time to realize all the effort and stress, reported in the fall. Especially welcome those who have managed to November zahotuvaty, add, poshatkuvaty, salt, nakvasyty, poukladaty in sloyiky, banyaky, vyvarky barrels and cabbage with carrot, caraway, dill, bibkovym (laurel) letter ... Now cabbage - one of the key products that will not only survive in their full beauty, but also a lot of useful substances and delicious as the different ways of preparing and in-kind.

First of all - every time before you take to cooking sauerkraut, wash it. Then rinse with semilitre cabbage and cover with water boiled almost ready. Lavish in boiling cabbage one cup of grain. Adding tablespoon of oil. Boil until the millet is not suitable and not nabuhne. Separately, fry the onions in the oil and vsypayemo in this kind Kulish. Salt, pepper to taste always give. That's it. Well, of course, already on the table add different zelenyny. This same dish can add sour cream, mushroom sauce or even cracklings, but it would not be lean meat. The more Piquant and smakolykiv, the less the song it is.
... And now try to make pudding with potatoes and cabbage. Crude peeled potatoes dribnenko roof, as in frying. Poured in pan (pan) generously oil the roof onion, preferably півкільцями. As soon as she bit prytushytsya, vsypayemo potatoes and simmer (not roasting) all together. Adding a little salt and pepper (to taste). A small number of cabbage (one glass) simmer in another pan. When potato is ready ztsidzhuyemo of it oil. Well-fold and shed this weight on the hot pan, slightly greased with oil. Reduce heat. Incidentally, the pan should choose the one to dish it does not pryhorala, and also to monitor the banks and the walls of pan to edge pudding is not pryhorily. So, covering the time being. Then take a flat wide plate and flip pan with pudding on the plate, then gently shifts back to the pan to obsmazhuvavsya other side. And so several times. So the result pretty blonde pie. Finally, in the same way and made pancakes and cabbage, and pancakes.

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