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Vorokhta - a climatic and mountain-skier resort which is south of Yaremche is known on Gucul'schini.

Vorokhta got the name from the last name of Michael Vorokhti, which settled here at the end of the XVII item Vorokhta was a deserter from the Polish army, that is why and did not go to Zakarpattya, zvidi was by birth. Michael Vorokhta was able master and did a loom for one young lady with which married afterwards. Since the Weaving handicraft of Vorokhti began smartly to develop, and people, as a token of gratitude and love to master, named a village his name.

The settlement of Vorokhta began to reform, in particular as a resort, after the leadthrough of railway in 1884 years. The first resort was opened in 1906 year which was named «First sanatoriya», afterwards, in a soviet period he was renamed in «Mountain air» which functions and until now. In 1928 year Vorokhta was officially acknowledged a resort for patients with tuberculosis and illnesses of lights. Until now here inhabitants ozdorovlyuyut'sya from the different corners of Ukraine.

At the same time a settlement develops as a cell of mountain-skiing and tourism. In 1930 year two springboards are built in Vorokhti - for children and adults which purchased an international value. Here arrived to compete sportsmen from Germany, Norway, Finland and other countries. In the days of soviet power Vorokhta continued to play an important value as mountain-skier resort - a sporting base is here built from ski sport «Ukraine» and rest-home for sportsmen near a springboard «Advance-guard»

Two wooden churches are built in Vorokhti. First - sight of architecture of the XVIIІ item is carried from the village of Yabluchnicya in 1780 year, name of Peter and Paul. Second - built in 1924-1925 years, Christmas of Presvyatoy Bogorodici.

Vorokhti have the stored viaducts, stone railway bridges, built in Xix-khkh of item interesting objects The first railway passed these stone bridges. In other settlements similar bridges were destroyed in the ІІ world war-time. Sanatoriums and villas of Xix-khkh of item are stored have an interesting construction and decorative screw-thread, that deserving outstanding attention.


In Vorokhti it is built kanatno-krisel'niy and bugel'niy lifts, 3 sporting bases - «Advance-guard» work, «Zaroslyak» and «Ukraine», resort for treatment of pulmonary khvorib. An ascent on the greatest mountain of Ukraine begins from Vorokhti - Goverlu.

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