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But to hear the sound of an instrument in an organic medium for him - in his native mountains, meadow - is unlikely to succeed. Ask those of the year traveling the Carpathian hills, or saw them there alive trembitara or wizard who can make trembita. You can not ask. Not seen. In an interview with kosivchanynom spirits musician, patriarch of Carpathian folk groups, Mr. John Zelenchukom confirmed our sad assumption: that count Ukrainian masters trembitariv enough fingers on one hand. And they do not trembita local shepherds and folk musicians, but mainly for live bands, professional musicians, often - abroad.

It seems a little - and the original purpose tool know-ICC only scientists etnomuzykoznavtsi. A hundred years ago this "bezotvirna tube made by longitudinal splitting of larch or spruce (as reported in reference literature) performed the role of this phone. Sound trembita - tell us the music listings - could be heard 10 km. In fact, he is heard from the meadows on the mountain, from mountain to mountain, from the top down in the Carpathian village: one died - sounds trembita grievously, to a certain melody notify relatives, fellow villagers (and their homes are scattered over a large area, but that in "CD are" plains people) of trouble. Otherwise sound Poloninska melodies. When shepherds drove the sheep to pasture in the top, then gave it to know the same trembita and gathering cattle in the sheep. Trembitaly Christmas and music-kolyadovalschiki. Probably so portrayed Horiany tone angel of the Lord, who testified about the birth of Christ. However, never heard trembita on the occasion of birth of person wedding. Voice their often sad, solemn, but not funny.

Correspondent of the magazine was lucky to hear the sound of an instrument where it sounds best - in the Carpathians. All the same, Mr. John Zelenchuk agreed to the role of leader and showed the way to my house known master of musical instruments - old hutsuly Michael Tafiychuka. Living in a gene Bukovetsky pass in Verhovinskogo area in the village Bukovets. Finally, a way to know this house, for example, colleagues pop star Ruslana Lyzhychko. "I have eight to Ruslana trembits made" - among other prohopyvsya Mr. Tafiychuk.

This man of seventy. He does not belong to those Huzuls that the shkalykom Palenque ponarozkazuyut tale of a bunch of fables. Please tell some legend trembita. A master answered: "I'm not on. I know how to make instruments and play them. Legends - is yours, journalists, right. Nevertheless, told the words "old people": sounds like the best trembita the tree-lightning of thunder. That is a fir trunk, in which lightning struck. And the master could not try an old recipe. "We here on the hill near the house, just beating the thunder in the tree. I did it with trembita - one, a friend, well, this made simple: tell lies "- waving her hand, Mr. Tafiychuk.

Apparently not inclined master drive in a price. Mol, nothing difficult to manufacture the instrument exists. But what begins to talk, it turns out, not all easy. So, with the fir trunk vytesuyut long rod - trembita can reach four feet. "First, should stick to dry. It is necessary to even a year postoyav. Then stick cut povzdovzh and species-buyut - vyshkiblyuyut shkiblem "- in both halves ditch. "Trembita dzvenyt stronger when a thin wall. However, while it vlomyty easier "- says Mr Michael. Now, for the convenience of transporting musicians to make folding trembita. "But they sound worse" - in conversation vklynyuyetsya spirits musician Mr. John Zelenchuk.

"To half trem-bits stuck between sobov their stulyayut together and obkruchuyut Berestove" - ruthlessly reveals all the technology wizard. The worst, he says, find ext-ru birch with smooth bark. Not old and not too young. "This both divkov - outdated and does not want his youth and evil: Zara will show you" - and makes the house musician at the court trembita. It gives journalists in hand. Tools, such as length (under three feet), very easy. At the request of the master to play some znichuyetsya. They say, old man, he played not long ago, even trembita not soaked. It turns out, before playing in a hole filled tool: No, no water, and vodka or hot milk. Despite the "unpreparedness" Mr. Tafiychuk trembita applying to the lips. In the air hangs "hykayuchyy" voice Poloninska melodies. Indeed, there is a clear analogy with the human voice, calling the mountain remoteness. Reference was made one phrase skilled workers Philharmonic: "Now the young guys do not know how to play, as they would be small. And then in general "trembitayut under the soundtrack."

Meanwhile Gutsul describes how play "Merlot?" Th "- a dead body. Stand in the yard near the house, the wall - the side where the head of the deceased. Play like a dead soul vidihayut. Merlot master did not want to play. In the village think that, God forbid, those who died. So, here is aware of the voice of this instrument. Not surprisingly, for the whole family Tafiychukiv - Bukivtsya residents - musicians. Michael's father with three children traveled many times to the best folk festivals, concerts, studio recording is made in Poland. There Tafiychukiv know and respect. By the way, and the instruments of the master play not only in Ukraine. A podyvyshsya a simple house, a small studio - not Think of this.

Finally, communication hutsuly journalist asked to sing some of kolomyjky trembita. "Do not be ompni (not Be ye angry - auth.) - On trembita not know: The divok know" - an old joke. And in response naprosylos: by divok - everyone knows, but for trembita - this is you and a couple of people for purposes the Ukrainian Carpathians.

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