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Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » to paint pisanku
to paint pisanku

to paint pisanku

On Gucul'schini the waxen technique of painting of eggs is widely widespread by special pisal'cya. On the south of Podillya, the technique of «kraplennya» - dripping snow a beeswax is applied Bukovina on an egg. On Prikarpatti, the technicians of «shkrabannya», «dyeings», are widespread Volini, from here and the names of pisanok are easter «eggs», «galunki», «malevanki». Easter eggs appeared considerably later from pisanok. They are cooked and dye in natural dyes. Easter eggs eat. Pisanki never cook and does not eat, «that not to kill manpower of embryo». They are granted and keep as a sacred talisman.

Proceeding to painting, every pisankarka must have a plan is certain in the imagination, layout of elements chart on-the-spot egg. It is important to provide oneself patiences and execute everything consistently: from simple to difficult, from general to the details, not beginning to the bustle in advance.

Technology of the waxen painting of pisanok foresees a gradual transition in painting from light to the darkest tints by imposition of colors. If there must be a green color on pisanci, then these places preliminary must be recovered a brush yellow and blue. Will get green. That to get dark blue, recover white dark blue or blue and cover a beeswax. In the pas utillized natural paints (decoction from the husk of bow, oak, aldern bark, will insist a st-john's-wort and others like that). Today - mostly aniline dyes for painting of wool. For making of pisanki a natural bee beeswax is needed.

  У pour a pivlitrovu jar glass of boiling water in which dissolve one tea-spoon of dye. For painting of egg utillize home-made pisachek as a little metallic watering-can, stuck in wooden derzhachek. For work it is needed even three pisachki with openings of different diameter, which abandon the lines of different thickness. At making of pisanok it is necessary to adhere to the following sequence:

1. Preparation. Choose raw chicken, duck or ancerine eggs with a strong rough shell, wash clean water and dry out.

2. Rozkreslennya. Putting elbows on a table and taking an egg in a left arm, and pencil of middle hardness in to the right, on the top of more sharp end put a cross the ends of which continue on all of perimeter. Thus will get the division of egg meridians on four parts. Execute the transversal division of egg also, inflicting parallels. If lines go out nerivni, that in the first works is often, they easily can be wiped elastic. Pisankarki with experience write pisachkom at once, without the previous ruling by a pencil.

3. Causing of picture by a beeswax. Like there is painting of pisachkom. Till to conduct them lines on an egg, it is necessary warm up a beeswax and, vmoknuvshi for him pisachek, check up a thickness and quality of line on a paper. Pisachek needs to be put athwart and densely, not tearing away him from the surface of egg. In the process of work, when a beeswax overtakes, warm up him on flame of candle. For the successful painting of pisachek from time to time it is needed to clean, warming up on a fire. Inflicting a beeswax on a white egg, we protect the places of decorative pattern these same from the action of paint. They will remain white.

4. Painting. Before the first painting dip an egg on 10 seconds in vinegar solution (take two soupspoons of vinegar on glass of water). After it lay an egg in the first, lightest paint (yellow) and hold until it will not collect the saturated color. Farther take out him a spoon from a jar, rinse cold water, slightly promokaemo a rag and dry out. Then again draw a beeswax. These places will remain yellow, as will be protected from a next paint - more dark (for example, orange). In such sequence inflict all of colors from more light to more dark (we will say so: yellow, orange, red, cherry, black).

5. Removal of beeswax. Farther from a raw egg warm up pisanku 10-15 minutes in an oven at a temperature 80 degrees. Beeswax slightly pom’yakne. Yet a bit warming pisanku on flame of candle or kagancya, take off a beeswax a rag. Pisanka is ready.

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