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Than in the tourist travels

Than in the tourist travels - priceless thing. Cut piece of bread or bacon, open cans or cut out stag for a fire - it will be useful everywhere. There are very extreme situations: snake bites (God forbid) and should make an incision and vysmoktaty poison ... In general, how to go to the mountains without a knife, you better stay home.
Big, small, solid, folding ...

Travel knives, unlike, say, hunting is not cool weapons. Therefore, even the same time hunters prefer to use "peaceful" knife, which does not need permission. Travel knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can perform many different functions. For example, there are solid and folding. Whole pollen blade to have or not have, just and groove, which falsely believe krovostokom may even replace the ax. Rollaway is sometimes contain everything possible - from the actual blade to nozhychok "pidstryhannya for your lips, let alone stick to the sawing of small bars of wood, fork and corkscrew. Selection of a knife depends on what kind of tourism can choose in which circumstances, in which season. Obviously, matters and your aesthetic taste.

What's easier than it reliable to use. And versatility is not cool, but also has its limits. So experienced tourists often take trips in the two types of knives: seamless one "serious" and a small multi-blade.

Elastic and rigid as Bulat

First of all, than be long to keep grinding and be resistant to aggressive "nomadic" environment, easy to use, easy. Do not most important - steel, which made blade. It determines whether it will break soon or zatupytsya that you can cut it or cut. The quality of steel, say the numbers are written in the passport of a knife or printed on the blade. Designations may be look like "45 X 13, where the first number indicates the carbon content, and the letter and the second number - the content of chromium. The more carbon is harder than steel and, accordingly, a longer than not zatuplyuvatymetsya. Caption and often difficult, if mixture is added other metals: molybdenum, nickel, titanium.

It has long been perfect - very strong and flexible and at the same time - was considered so-called Damascus steel. However recipe Bulatov (from Persia Pulad - krytsya) analogue was later used Syrian craftsmen from the city of Damascus, now lost. Modern blades with alloy, which producers called Damascus steel, and has a characteristic pattern, according to the title, a high price.

Tips when buying and using

1. Than buying, weigh well, why is it you need.
2. When buying look for the name of the company not to buy counterfeit. (If this is Victorinox, then yes it should be the last letter. Never Viktorinox or something similar).
3. Mark and name worthy first search on the internet site of the manufacturer or in catalogs. Then you'll know exactly how outwardly looks original product and its technical details.

4. Do not buy sharpened than not - it is always doubtful about the quality of steel.
5. If you are not sure that can qualitatively zatochyty blade that zatupyvsya, it is better to give it a specialized workshop. Will be cheaper.
5. Wear than in the sheath or case, a case - in Scapulars. Young guys with knives on a belt usually cause police officers patrol yen something to check. And they have every right, especially on the station - the railway is considered high-risk zone.

The company guarantees

In Ukraine, you can nalichyty dozen craftsmen who make knives to order. And there are people who believe that the best than - of spring. But we are talking about certified products. Most knives Ukrainian - Russian origin. Common brand names: "Knox", "Zlatko", "Medteh. Average cost of travel from these knife manufacturers - 250-500 USD depending on the grade of steel material from which made rukiv'ya, kick, etc.. In specialized shops can be found and products of companies «Linder» (Germany), «Muela» (Spain), Frosts Mora (Sweden), Opinel (France) and others. Basically this is really neat knives and often more expensive than Russian counterparts.

Among unfolding for many years leading Swiss «Victorinox» and «Wenger». Their value also depends on the quality of steel and functionality - from 100 USD to $ 200. These knives can do many operations, a record number of functions in one of three dozen models prevails. But more often - up to ten. Swiss annually produce millions of copies worldwide market, "take" the customer the same quality and reasonable price. The same «Victorinox», but the Swiss army, where an attribute than is required of soldiers and officers, delivers its products all NATO troops.

Of course, you can not forget about Chinese products, which prevails on the Ukrainian markets. These knives are too much, do they sell very cheaply and without documents. Usually the blade is only a standard stamped «stainless steel». In fact, with this steel should do unless forks.

Generally speaking, than - a very personal thing. He must treat you not only chemical composition Blade, shape, material rukiv'ya, kick, be convenient and reliable. Experts say that every "decent" than is his nature.

How to avoid conflict with the law?

Editors asked for comment to a specialist. By Oleg TANCHYN - senior expert Research expert at the Center for Criminal Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region.
To determine whether owned than swords? Law on weapons in Ukraine yet. Currently, experts are "Methods of criminological research swords and structurally similar to its products" (1999) and other regulations. They belong to cold steel is determined by the presence of object (device) such general criminal population characteristics:

- Pryznachenosti to destroy targets;
- Fitness for purpose of repeated defeat.
All other items (devices), which completely or partially missing at least one of these common features, to swords do not belong.
For technical data than can be defined as a cold weapon, if it has:
- Minimum length of blade - not less than 90 mm;
- Minimum blade thickness - not less than 2.6 mm;
- Minimum hardness blade that is made of steel vuhletsevystoyi - not less than 50 units;
- Minimum hardness blade that is made of corrosion-resistant (resistant) steel - not less than 45 units;

- Blade angle aggravation - no more than 30 degrees.
Travel is a kind of knife blades household purpose and swords do not belong. But coach than can be defined as knives, if already meet specified technical data and have structural elements that will keep it safely in hand: limiters, utyky, ergonomic rukiv'ya.
Bypassing all the rules manufacturers often provide a very rigid blade is due to its hardness, but, for example, increasing the thickness. (If one of these signs do not, it is not than swords). Or make the blade harder than just canvas blades. This is a more modern approach.

So most tourist is difficult to determine whether it than swords or not. Better to have the document. Store must give the buyer a passport certificate. There should be technical specifications knife vendor signature, stamp shop. Good carry it with them - then problems with the police did not arise. Otherwise, you can hold three to 72 hours to clarify all circumstances.

Knives, which is definitely cool weapons such as hunting, you simply can not sell without the proper documents.

Currently, Ukraine does not have its own industrial knives. There are some artists who make exclusive copies. If you purchased a product without a certificate and intend to use in campaigns, it is better to give it the expertise and get the documents to the permit system Internal Affairs.

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