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Sinevir ("Sea Eye") - a lake in the intermountain area. One of the most valuable and important treasures of the Ukrainian Carpathians at a height of 989 m above sea level. Reservoir was formed during the postglacial period as a result of the overlap river valley shifts. Water fills the cavity of three mountain streams, the size of the lake and the depth varies depending on rainfall. Its depth - 10.8 m. The deepest point - 22 m in clear cold water feels good lake trout, rainbow and brook. And around the "sea eye" adorn slender spruce, whose age reaches 140-160 years.


The birth of natural national park Sinevir "definitely associated with a unique in its beauty mountain lake under heaven with consonant name Sinevir. To preserve this magical creations of nature in 1974 was organized by the landscape reserve of national importance "Synevyrska Lake, and later in 1989 - a national natural park Sinevir. Its area is 40,400 hectares, 5,807 hectares of protected zone. At Mizhhiria generously grows blackberries, blueberries, Brusnytsya, raspberry, strawberry timber and hazelnuts. These gifts of nature you can enjoy while traveling by mountains, forests and valleys. Of the forest fauna found here deer, bears, deer and wild boars, wolves and lynxes, foxes and hares, and many other animals. Since birds are the most common owls, woodpeckers, grouse, eagles and other birds ...

Sinevir famous as the tourist center - here is where to go and what to see. That is what attracts many tourists. Sinevir - this is the place to visit, to feel the unique beauty of Ukrainian Carpathians.
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