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Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » New Year is on Goverli
New Year is on Goverli

New Year is on Goverli

Novak: To meet an idea on Goverli I matured New Year almost three years. When it, so to say, mature, I appealed to Askara, with which repeatedly was in mountain hikes. It at once pleased to him, and afterwards other joined in with us.

Consequently 30, December we arrived on private tourist refuge of family of Buzak in the natural boundary of Koz'meschik. On the post of avariyno-ryatuval'noy service of village of Lazeschina, where we were marked, it was said us, that a weather on New Year is not the best - a rain and drizzle is foreseen.

Gizhirov: In the morning on December, 31 we congratulated person celebrating his the name-day Sashu Novaka and, when somewhere at midday a rain changed on wet snow, left on the submission of Goverli. Met a road with the group of Lvov which already returned from a top. From them we knew, that it is covered ice, but we to it were ready. Each had «lady-cats», ski sticks and ice-axes. We walked up a mountain, snow fallen, but not mood.

Storozhuk: Yes, mood did not do for me even that my clothes, put it mildly, were not counted on such weather. Thank you to the friends which brushed off «from the world on a filament to naked on a shirt».

Small: Though I was the youngest in a command and experience of winter ascents failing me, but kept abreast of comrades.

Gizhirov: On a top we rose already at dark. Unstrong Sonth wind blew. We put two tents after reinforced-concrete steloy from an opposite from wind side by outputs on a north. Fastened tents by ice-axes and ski sticks. Going in the tent of person celebrating his the name-day - Alexandra Novaka and, having a drink hot tea, agreed to meet again for a half a hour to New Year. Going back to the tent, we with Volodeyu Storozhukom saw that a fellow and girl walked up a top - it is pleasant it was to meet our countrymen from the city of Chamois - Igor and Oksana. They came simply, «marked», and after glass of hot tea went downward. They fully could appear the last, who saw us.

Storozhuk: It was approximately eleventh evening. I dozed itself, wind had rocked a tent, as though swim on a boat. Azh suddenly is a scream of Askara in an ear: «Wake up, because, presumably, from a tent blew off awning!». Open eyes - above me most real Santa claus was inclined. A person, beard of Askara, is stuck up snow. Wind blew with frightful force, and snow got in a tent through a vent opening, fully zasipavshi our spal'niki and all of things. Here I, presumably, understood that a ship rat the house of which begins to sink feels. I got out from an emergency tent, grabbing spal'nik only. And around - continuous ekstrim: darkness, reckless wind, snow, frost. And I - «without a band». Fingers on hands squirmed and zadubili, because mittens remained in a tent. From a tent did not blow off awning, only tore one shtormvidtyazhku. Made an attempt zastibnuti lightning on an output - fingers instantly froze to sulky.

  Гіжиров: Honestly speaking, my tent was not counted on such ekstrim. Through the features of construction ventilation and awning can it was be closed only from outside. And snow inward got a tent because wind at night changed from Sonth on a north!

Leaning karimat to the entrance, removed whole night attacks of wind. Just in case I prepared to the emergency lowering, but only then, if survived the plastic arcs of tent and wind would tear him to pieces. I would not from him go out differently. In fact, putting tents, we linked them between itself. If I went out from it and in time did not cut twine, a tent at once would carry out the role of parachute and would pull at my friends downward. Therefore, putting boots on in boots and fastening to them «lady-cats», sat a north, through what vidmoroziv itself two toes.

A large polar explorer R. Amundsen noticed at one time: «To the cold zviknuti is impossible». And I felt it on itself, as talk, on all «one hundred». That not zasnuti and not freeze, decided to have a drink coffee. Dug out the gas compulsion from under snow, took off a mitten, and a bulb instantly froze to the hand. It was with outstanding effort and skin to tear away him.

Novak: Must add, that uncomfortably was all. Gustings arrived at ten of meters for a second, a temperature fallen down to to -15 degrees on Celcius. Storozhuk explained to us, that happened, and remained in our small tent. Now we were forced were to be disposed four together a «jack». After a roar and moan of wind did not hear each other. Hidden in spal'niki with a chairman and communicated between itself by mobile telephones, that not always was succeeded.

Gizhirov: I also tried to get somebody on the phone to the comrades, but in New-year night a mobile communication network, certainly, was overloaded. Therefore in those short instants, when gustings calmed down, we had called simply. Distance between tents made about two meters.

Kharvat: Yes, I yelled: «Askar!» and heard in reply only optimistic: «Living!».

Novak: In that night all pomorozili extremities, fingers froze in mittens, inwardly blew up them and was constantly khukhati both on one or on other hand. But I consider that we yet took a place easily.

Gizhirov: Fortunately, to resort to the kray-nego measure - to abandon a top - was not. He would not quite guarantee that we would get down living and healthy. In fact in darkness without ceremony it is possible it was to go out on cornices which threatened to be caused to the fall, and and could from above nacrites by an avalanche.

At dawn I began to dig up things and pack them in backpacks. My spal'nik, though downy, froze inwardly. I must was break him, as plywood, at a knee. When got out from a tent, was staggered beauty of new-year dawn. Although frost and increased, and wind did not calm down so, there was not a cloud on sky. With the first sunbeams a top began to the play gold radiance. Sfotografuvavshis' on memory, made a haste donizu.

  Харват: I, for example, trusted finally, that night behind, when in second times saw a sunrise. Not surprised, because the first dawn was on a top. The second found us during lowering on the border of the forest, when a sun climbed above Goverloy. I tried to take off this beauty on a video camera, however much it froze. Rescued only old mechanical «Nikon», from ob'ektiva which, true, there was zishkrebti tovstenniy layer of ice.

Afterwards, when we met the third sunrise, a chamber thawed, and we on mention have a short film which we unanimously named not «taken wind».

Small: If you saw expressions of persons of tourists from refuge, when Askar hung up near grubki the enormous piece of ice, look like spal'nik! And then beat out from a thermos the packages of tea, which became lollipops also. Comments, as talk, superfluous.

Gizhirov: Certainly, a hike showed oneself heavy, however much nobody stung, did not whine. We made sure, on what capable, and I am thankful all, who was alongside with me. In general it is needed to add, that these were our collections before a journey on Caucasus, where on us no less difficult tests expected at an ascent on El'brus (5642 mcodes). So New Year on Goverli became original school of survival in the extreme terms of visokogir'ya for us.

And that, who will decide to walk our by tracks, it is desirable to say: remember that winter Chernogora is the not Crimean resort. To it it is needed very carefully to prepare and superfluous time not risk.

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