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Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Gucul'ska kolyada
Gucul'ska kolyada

Gucul'ska kolyada

Christmas is near a church

The village of Krivorivnya was stretched between the offspurs of Bukoveckogo of spine, as though in an enormous bowl. Most houses vmostilisya «at» level - without regard to a road, along a river ax. Other - scratched out upstairs. Space between them is divided «nakrivo» by streets, zagorozhi, parkanci.

Local cerkovcya, where famous krivorivnyanska kolyada begins usually, overpeers over by a way. Upstairs conduct the steep stages. A small yard round stocky, covered gontoy of building into smithereens is filled people. Owners - prostovolosi, in sheepskin coats which the collars of shirts are evidently embroidered from under. Hostesses and girls - in white, red, green, cherry with large bright pictures and torokami shawls. This group reminds the flower-garden of exotic things. Greater children hurry between adults (kho-o-o-lodno!), more small - leaned to the parents. Festive Service is closed Divine. All expect kolyadnikiv.

  After each other from a church men go out and line up in a row. All are dressed approximately identically. For kolyadnikiv on the embroidered shirts - sleeveless jackets vigaptuvani brightly, from above - much decorated on a breast, decorated kutasami maroon serdaki, trousers are tucked in in top boots. Somebody holds gucul'ski axes-bartki in hands, yet someone carries trembitu or hunting-horn, a few men on shoulders - with violins. To the wrist of pravic' campanellis are tied. Ahead of each kolyadnickoy vatagi is its leader. Fuglemen set the tune, a song is caught by other members of group - so solemn motion begins round a church.

It seems at first, that continuous voice chaos dominates. However afterwards selected general reason is. Kolyadniki form a ring round a temple - one group changes other, et cetera. Ripened approached time after time, is heard very close, removed, begins to calm down and again collects forces. Sounds are rolled in a valley, reflected from the surface of water, slide slopes and return an echo, strengthening polyphony which destroys «Goy-day-bo-zhe-e...».

In the end kolyadniki, measures off the necessary amount of circles or steps (it we know then, that round a church walk around seven times), is stopped and go back to the doors of temple. A hubbub calms down in a court. A priest goes out from a church. Heads are inclined. A priest blesses: kolyadnikiv - on work, peasants - on generous and happy prazniki. «Khristos this rozhdae!» - «Slavimo him!».

Congratulation of Kocyubinskomu

Go after the group of kolyadnikiv, which exactly returns to the large wooden house. Meet. Man in a hat, decorated the bunch of colourful bird feather, is a fugleman, to po-miscevomu is a «birch». Ivan Zelenchuk is rural chairman Krivorivni, and yet singer, musician (violinist) and ethnographer. On our request to accompany kolyadnikiv, speaks to the group: «What, boys, will allow?» Those nod smartly. Appears, they go to congratulate (to sing greeting) a writer Michael Kocyubinskogo to the house-museum. As an owner is not, kolyadnikiv is accepted by a rural priest.

   vataga overcomes a few hundred meters to obiystya, mister Zelenchuk tells: «Truthful kolyada begins in Krivorivni on Christmas, and «vertepnichki» go about in a village in Christmas Eve - perevbirani small children-angeliki. From now on and to Yordana (on January, 19) is time of kolyadnickiy».

And here already before a porch which a father Ivan Ribaruk stands on, play trembiti, to them horns are attached. As soon as these sounds begin to calm down, a violin enters. Penecontemporaneous with it «birch» Zelenchuk sets the tune. He is surrounded by kolyadniki with campanellis and bartkami in hands. Dzen'-dzelen', a soloist destroys two lines of gucul'skoy the manner of speaking, dzen'-dzelen', a refrain catches a group, et cetera.

A christmas carol, as on a city ear, sounds specifically. Singing lasts whole 20 minutes. Men rhythmically throw up up bartki and will pritancevuyut' in place. Every their motion accompanies call campanellis. All together is a violin, voices, flowings of campanellis, moan trembiti, accompanied dancings motions of men, - vichaklovue almost mystic atmosphere.

Kolyadnicke society is select

Ivan Zelenchuk tells about the village, as mifotvorec'. «People have a fate, cities and villages have the sud'bu. So Krivorivnya: here worldly-wise baga-a-ato of famous people. As father Volyanskiy managed nalagoditi copulas with Franc, since writers rode here. Something such was searched itself and, probably, and found. Gnat Khotkevich wrote the «Fire-place soul here». Vidite, there stream, where Marusyak met with popivnoy, - viyt-kolyadnik carries out, full ignoring chronology of events, miksuyuchi is real persons with literary characters. - Yonder there is grazhda, that was taken off by the cinemas of «Shade of the forgotten ancestors». And in Kocyubinskogo, where we kolyaduvali first, Lesya Ukrainian, Olga Kobilyanska and Michael rested Grushevskiy...».

Meantime a group returns in a street which conducts simply on a mountain. It is explained to us that already azh now kolyadniki set forth for the rural dwellings. «There is tradition - to begin kolyadu from a church, - a «birch» explains. - And our temple - the oldest on all of mountains! Y’go carried here from a riki1719 year. Here yet Dovbush with Ringing met». Krivorivnya has eight kolyadnickikh groups. Every vataga - on the «corner» of village or prisilok. Prisilkiv in Krivorivni - more than ten. On the whole there are over 800 courts in a village. From Christmas to Christening kolyadniki must visit all without an exception dwellings. Kolyaduyut' even wherein owners do not live. «That good did not pass a house and earth», - men ground with authority.

   in a village by turns. Yet three months prior to Christmas peasants begin to be written down «on kolyadi» - make a list of dwellings. «We are no longer suitable, as a three-four to the house in a day to go» round, - boys explain. Zapopasti a kolyadnickiy group exactly on is January, 7 considered very honoured - peasants compete for it between itself, as well as for that kolyadniki were from their «familii». «To be kolyadnikom - conceitedly. Anybody is not taken only, - a mister talks Zelenchuk. - Viz. select society. Men must be decent and owners good. Fellows - modest and to work adroit. That there a bit was voice in them, that not gutili, as medvid'. That were muzikal'no thoughtful.». If kolyadnik likhoslovit' or treats oneself a bit too much, him can from a group ask away. And it in a village is considered large disgrace.

At elders in kolyadnickiy vatazi «birch» and «vivercya». «Vivercya» is an organizer-administrator: he collects on a rehearsal and on kolyadu, watches after an order, clothes and observance of traditions. A «birch» is responsible for creative part. His «main duty - to lead in kolyadi, - the son of «birch», kolyadnik Ivan Zelenchuk-molodshiy, explains. it is «Birch» - it something such, as a producer».

He for kolyadnikiv is a most person of reputation. It is the soul of group, leader of all of action. He listens and gathers additionally kolyadnikiv, teaches vocal parties and words with them, knows by heart to pivsotni of christmas carol and yet more consuetudes, begins every christmas carol, conducts melodies, on the whole manages an action. A «birch» determines who and that to sing, how many to be a guest, measure of meal and drink. Together with «viverceyu» he looks after after morality of ward. In fact tradition orders them to save a spiritual and corporal cleanness during all of time of kolyadi. «We and as to the holiday carry a load, - a mister explains Zelenchuk. - We can not be with a woman, unfreely to ask a woman in dance. Azh when rozplyasuemosya in Yordan on the river and rozcilovuemo a cross - then become so even, as all».

Kolyaduvannya, sure of Krivorivni, business is exceptionally masculine. Women must a house «hold» on holidays. Through that on Christmas popered kolyadnikiv of guest, and too women, on houses does not walk.

Velichal'ni songs to the sheep and bees

Mount from a road a path rise to the small house. Owners already expect on a porch. A woman holds in the hands of wooden cross, bandaged tuft of filaments. «- povesmo, - the sister of hostess talks, are the first filaments of cegorichnoy yarn». «From wool?» - ask. «From ovec», - patiently it explains to the muddle-headed guests from a city. Kolyadniki with might and main blow in horns and trembiti. They sing the first congratulatory christmas carol in the street.

«Trembitayut, as zakhodyat in a house and already as vidkhodyat, - whisper the brother of owner tells us. it is Trembita for guzuls, as a mobile telephone, that to know that happened. Meledii for everything different: mountain valley, funeral or here kolyadnicka. It never trembitayut as only on kolyadi». «And are there campanellis for what?» «But campanellis mousse to be, - retell is surprised. - Even in the song of kolyadnickiy sung: «oz'mimo from sobov bells, every musit to have, that guests had us in a sho money to throw». «And why are boys with axes?» «Guzul without bartki is a not guzul», - a man answers a bit depreciatingly. «Guzuls are gorechi boys. As without bartki?» We shrug. «Oh, vidite!» - a man meaningfully lifts an index finger up.

   mounts from a porch to kolyadnikiv. Each of them crosses oneself and kisses a crucifix. It blesses vatagu and wraps up a cross in a shawl. «Viverci», which holds a small box (makes zakolyadovani on a church money), a woman stretches out a note. Now guests are led to the house. Us, clear business, did not expect. But invite politely. «Viz. chest' - to have such guests!» - talk gladly.



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