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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 16 » Call of mountain streams
Call of mountain streams

Call of mountain streams

When mountain snows melt and the river Black Cheremosh becomes so violent and fast, even in shallow water is pushing down, come to its shores people with oars. Decompose, they camp near the village Prikarpatskogo Dzembronia, mending boats - kayaks, canoes and catamarans - and fear puskayutsya stream simply zapineni shafts and thresholds. River boiling and pruchayetsya first, but eventually skoryayetsya athletes.
Every year in late April - early May federation of sports tourism in Ukraine, supported by the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration, holds in the top of the Carpathian rivers competition among extreme-rafter.

So this time Cheremosh full swing for pleasure to all participants. Drift - 12 kilometers per hour, depth - up to four meters. Four consecutive days athletes from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Kyiv, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, proved himself and pryborkuvaly element.

Black Cheremosh - one of the most difficult for the passage of rivers in the Carpathian Mountains, - said Vasily Kobylyuk tournament organizer. - The area between the villages Jawornik - Bystrets - Krasniqi are five III-V rapids complexity. This is where competition took place.

Athletes held a distance of three different classes of ships: on kayaks, canoes, odynychkah on catamarans and catamaran-pair-oar. Estimated time of alloy and skill to overcome obstacles. First - rally racing or long-distance: 18 miles of water Jawornik (kilometers above the threshold Byrd) to Bystrets. Competitions at short distances were arranged near the village Krasniqi predicted passage of the most difficult obstacles. The route - eight kilometers above the threshold start Upper Dzembronia, machines for the famous Hukom. Water slalom held at kilometer area around the base camp. Boats made out circles and eights, worth repeating figure skaters.

The organizers took care, so that awards are not lacking. Noted racers Single and crews at each distance. However, major advances have decided to take overall. Among the 60 crew won first place team from the Federation of sports tourism winery. Second place took Kiev. Athletes from the city were third.

"When you remain with the flow alone - not withheld emotions Russian Igor Romanenko, - experiencing a sense of freedom Heady. At the same time - adrenaline burst, which provokes a healthy aggression to overcome the elements. But eventually everything turns into a deep concentration in order to cooperate with River. Having all three distances, responsibly say: most shafts that I had to deal with - here in the Carpathians, on Cheremosh.

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