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After a few stitches on a mountain, we descended to the river and actually saw the remains of the road. But understand that there was once a road is only possible with the card - so all overgrown. Patches had to climb through the invasion of logs and stones.

Mountain Peak: Carpathians 2005 - 5

By the way forgotten people

The road lay over the river itself, so after numerous flood water in many places badly damaged it. Often had to jump on the stones that lay in the water. Not once avoided especially blurry place again. Finding a better way of helping blind path of not so long ago footsteps of somebody's boots.

Sometimes had to climb especially high. In some places the water hanging vertical stone cliffs. And the farther we went, the more often had to be removed from rivers. Trying to move on the water was not very successful. Therefore had no choice but to climb sloping hills.

Given all this, we were moving much slower than the Black Tisou. And the sun inexorably hylylosya to horizon. Stop here on the same night was impossible, so we hurry to get to the place where the map reads lands.

And we finally reached him, but found only a measly pieces of wooden walls, spread one of the floods. And all around and everywhere was overgrown nakydano deposited wooden logs. I had to go further.

Fortunately, after another tributary path away from the water and become like a road, though heavily overgrown with bushes. Walking up a bit, found a great lawn, where he lodged.

It was full of wildflowers, among whom many were flying insects. Here between the rocks near noisy water mountain river. And around - endless spruce forests. And no mobile. Probably for the first trip we went into this nook.

Flowery meadow


July 13, 2005, Wednesday

Rozvidav morning I continued the road and was convinced that yesterday's test repeated. The road will cross the last river, and then ascendeth separately from it.

The weather was sunny. The impression that it's only getting better. Long forgotten by the rains and the clouds rose higher and scattered.

The morning proceedings were, as always and we went on the road. By browsing in the memory of past days, I remembered that many crossed the river remained uncommitted on the tape of my camera. Morning to crossing

should be the last on our way, so I decided to take advantage of this.


Perebihshy stones on the opposite shore, I stepped aside and took out his camera. Dima just went into the water, Andrew stood behind him. Dmitry raised his head and saw that I was going to do, warned:

- Just do not photograph as I'm falling.

In the next moment he made a few steps and, slipping, storchma flew into the water. From the sudden realization of the prophecy I got lost and pulled the camera button. Meanwhile, Dima with red as a beet, face got out of the water to shore, and Andrew passed without adventure.

Dmitry announced a short monologue and we went on. Despite the rise angle greater than the evening, we moved quickly and soon left the forest.



When we went to an open, before we opened wide landscape. Ahead rose bald slopes of the spurs Svydovets spine. In some places they bilily snow patches remaining here, probably, since winter. And, looking back, we saw a herd of mountains that stretched into the horizon somewhere.

Soon came to the houses, above which rose a pillar of smoke. Nearby sirily building sheds. Thus, the area was deserted road ended.

The road became even better. So, probably, the shepherds used it as wrong as we came.

Photos in the mountains on the background of mountains

With numerous mountain streams flowed. On the slopes paslasya different beasts. And it turns out, is that mobile communications.



After some time, increased lift, but then we went to the last plain area. Valley ohynav arch crest of the spine and the middle of a giant amphitheater rozlyahlosya mountain lake. He ate several sources and accumulations of snow on the northern slopes.

The lake was elongated shape - about a hundred two hundred meters. Under clear bluish water was seen as rushing to the bottom depth. This is the beginning of the river gave the lake, near which we are lodged.

Snow in July

After swimming and shooting went on to climb the last section. The slopes were covered with grass only, so we moved directly for the serpentine road spun.

At the end of the tourist group met recovery. For the first few days we saw his colleagues from the trip. Later we find that the same right Svydovets teeming with tourists.

Vidhylyvshys right of others, I scrambled to mount Troyasku. Standing on the top, you can see how the ridge stretched on in both directions. The most interesting, on it lay a good dirt road. However Svydovets appeared representative of the main ridge of the Ukrainian Carpathians, which then continued in dvotysyachnykah Chornogory with Goverloy headed.



Rozdyvyvshys landscape, I came down on a ridge to the guys and then we went along way towards Svydovets highest peak - Mount Blyznytsi.

The road was good naezzhennuju because nothing limiting our speed. That is a possible traffic showed a truck with Ust-Chornytskoho reserve, which stood near the road.

The slopes are treeless ridge and in many places they grazed cattle and sheep. Maybe this is why apart in perfect monotone green grassy meadows vydnilysya horizontal stripes, as from lawn mowers.

Svidovetsky spine

All peaks on the ridge seemed so similar to each other, it began to annoy her. There was a monotonous and view. After a while we left upiznaly mountains, where previously visited. In the foreground temnila Clive Black, on the horizon sirily stone placers Gorgan. One by one, two ranges were built: the first - and with Vedmezhykom Dovbushanka, and second - with a small Gorgan, bruises and hamster. This time we visited only on the first.

Soon the road began to descend to the left, and continue Svydovets separated footpath. Immediately after the bifurcation path crept up steeply, so after we stopped getting and decided to have dinner.

At this point especially clearly manifested uneven slopes. If the South remained flat, then turned north almost to the rock. That's down from their natural amphitheater located on lakes, similar to that at which we were this morning.

We are still unable to safely eat. First up, the cold wind gusts during which we got more when climbed on the spine. Then pryplentalysya two dogs guarding the sheep nearby and hungry pozhyraly views of our small delicious food. At the end is a biker, with a terrible roar that drove his horse on the metal top of the ridge.



By Blyznytsi remained a bit. Poyivshy, we climbed to the peak and saw our goal is just minutes away. Having gone down and climbing, reached the trianhulyatora. While we enjoyed the scenery, to the peak reached two more, judging from the conversation - the Poles.

I decided to make my film appeared on at least one photo where we were all together. So I asked one of the aliens take us and stretched out his camera, he added:

- Just make sure that was visible Goverlu.

Because their names sound alike in different languages, he knew me, though, may not know Ukrainian.

Dima climbed a metal structure trianhulyatora and we Andrei prymostylysya on the sides.

We are on top Blyznytsi. And in the distance - and Petros Hoverla



Hence indeed clearly visible in Goverlu Petros, well, a little worse, the rest of the mountain peaks Chornohorky Pip Ivan edge.

After Blyznytsi we climbed to another peak, and thereafter to the end were only descent.

Quite a long road led open terrain. Several times faced stone mounds, as Vedmezhyku. One of them contained a sign of the tragic death of a group of tourists in winter many years ago. It is now easy here mens and winter Zaviryuhu nothing visible and much snow.

After some time went into the forest. On both sides the paths they drew long lines of blueberries. First saw only green berries, but down below, eaten ripe.



Descent to Kvasov

Road looking for bed. But the slopes were so steep that not even place found, and when something like this happened and, you know where to walk on water.


Finish dip


So going down, we suddenly found themselves near the village Kvasy. Passed through the boundary between land and forest to reach a small garden with horizontal terraces. One of them put our tent. While I was with Andrew poravsya with dinner, Dima descend to the train station to find out train departure time.

Fire is kindled in darkness, because it is taking place too late. Below burning lights of country houses, and darkness reigned around. Last night we held so close to a community like never before.


July 14, 2005, Thursday

In the morning we woke up alarm. To not be late for the train, had to wake up earlier than usual. We hastily gathered, and not even posnidavshy, went on the road.

Poblukavshy little picturesque countryside surroundings, we took to the highway that connecting Yaremche and Rachel - two mountain resort town. Parallel to it lay a railway track.

We crossed the river Tisa and, having passed a few turns, were near the mineral spring. In addition it was soda water. Pity only that the property remained its long.

Source existed under the railway embankment, so by entering the water, we climbed on it and went to a track station. When passed the metal bridge over the turbulent river, we saw that our train has pid'yizhdzhaye station on the other. Short scamper helped not be late to it.

We sat in diesel train and went to Irkutsk. On the road in no time zahlyblyuvalysya tunnels or flew way noisy mountain streams. The window by moving various mountains. Among them, even the highest peak was visible in the Ukrainian Carpathians - Mount Goverlu. Gradually mountain landscape began to change: the mountains and retreated decreased until disappeared completely.

They came to Irkutsk, where huge queues have tickets for the train to Kyiv, where the morning arrived the next day. This is over and our tourist trip.

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