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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 10 » SUBJECT: Pniv - Guk - Yaremche - Bukovel - Yablunitsa
SUBJECT: Pniv - Guk - Yaremche - Bukovel - Yablunitsa

SUBJECT: Pniv - Guk - Yaremche - Bukovel - Yablunitsa

In fact, as visible from my previous statements, I love to travel by bicycle, but this time his wife asked parents to their tour in the mountains. The route, to some extent, was determined in advance - it had to come and Yaremche Yablunitsa. Transportation - beads. The trip promised to be not very pleasant - many people (other than parents were to be and other relatives), partially converted freighter beads, leaving at 5 am and.

Sunday morning and going to Nadvirna, I still sleep. A little bit of winding Nadvornaya - for some reason the driver does not trust me where to go (his sense of confusing signs). Drive out on the track, skipping the turn lock. Nothing strange, I proskakuvav his bicycle - though it can be seen from the road, but only notice a little driving and turned back. Turned around and ascending in the castle (the road leads directly into his yard).

Last summer, started to restore (probably built the restaurant), but last year nothing has changed (probably because of the crisis).

Quickly shows that there is an interesting (this is my third visit to the castle) and go further - to Kalush. So, first go back - to Nadvirna and then to Kalush.

Sidi, nudymos at the entrance to Yaremche notice a big pointer, "the tract ... Waterfall Guk and good asphalted road branches from. Hmm, probably should go there, 7 km - that is no great distance. Drive a few hundred meters natykayemos on the barrier - a paid trip to a waterfall. Well, the right marketing move - if the barrier once stood on the corner, many would not go, but so slowly, it vpyrayeshsya in which you are now getting around? Memories of the Crimea, where all more or less prominent place is privately owned and there entry fee (including the highest mountain Aj-Petri). We pay them and go on. Feel that this should end with a good asphalt (as admission is already paid). He ended, though not immediately, but after 2 kilometers. Continue on stony road. Feared that if things turn around will be difficult, and even cross with a counter machine. Eventually the road was really inappropriate for a ride and then we went on foot. Walking quite nice - the forest in the distance from transport with a very slight rise along the creek on which we can understand that a small waterfall.

I notice the trees marking of tourist routes, including cycling, regret not scored in the beads of an iron horse. The road turns to trail, it becomes clear that we almost came. Indeed, the trail rises sharply up - climb to be on top of the waterfall. Falls was really small though, but good (and yet greater than the Crimean summer Jura-Jura). We carry out the honorable mission of tourists - fotohrafuyemos.

Knowing that falls below the best looking, seeking the path to his foot and it really is, beaten and even equipped with handrails.

Way back light and short. We realize that we just had time - where we parked the car, now the whole car park, tourists crowd go to the waterfall. Bazaar - it is not my element.

Going further, to Kalush. We look arrival at the park near the restaurant Huzulschyna "and a waterfall. For some reason I do not find it. The driver was nervous again, decides to go on to Bukovelya (will return here again). In Bukovele just this weekend race in cycling hilu Down-and cross-Katri (the latter particularly sympathetic, as if the first climb a mountain on the lift, the latter under its own power, and go down the same route). While parents try to learn Resort vydzvonyty someone with friends and look who would borrow a bicycle. Unfortunately, neither that nor the other could not. I'll have to somehow come to own.

On the road between the road and staging Bukovel little picnic, and go on Yablunitsu. In the summer Yablunitse anything interesting - bazaar near the road and everything. Come back in Kalush. We find a return to "Gutsulschiny" - he is now in another location (you can navigate through the pointer on the restaurant). Yaremche the last two years much has changed - it seems that hroschi allocated for flood relief, "Hutsulschyna and Attractions bad split. The last time I saw them in bad condition and now hazonchyky, svitylnychky and other elements of landscape design and Attractions lived. But somehow obmiliv waterfall. People very much, just like in old Soviet times when Yaremche would come from all over the Union. On both sides of the waterfall and swimming zahorayut vacationers. Especially good place for a waterfall - there quite a large hole dug by water and can swim fully.

Let us also choose a place to go in the water. Looking for where perevdyahnutysya, climb the bank through the bushes. What an abomination - everywhere nahadzheno not coast, and toilet at the bus station (for some reason there are worst). Perevdyahnuvshys, I come back to the river, but when seen not hesitate to go into the water. Near the bridge notice another smelly stream that flows from the market and zabihalovok. Sadly, the development of tourism in Ukraine at the same time leads to the decline of nature. I doubt I'll be back here soon. Is that another powerful flood that will sweep away everything, and here again reign supreme nature.

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