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Головна » 2010 » Березень » 19 » Burlaka Carpathians
Burlaka Carpathians

Burlaka Carpathians

If the slopes Prikarpatskogo resort Yablunitsa you see vidchayduhiv who rush to ski or boards undressed to the waist or even completely, go to the new ground, incredible perestrybuyut hemp and Smerichki or art down train, standing on one ski, to be sure - continued leschetarskyy camp "reservoir".

Ivano-Frankivsk plastunskyy cell, including fraternity "Burlaka, have traditionally satisfied the winter schooling Yablunitse. Usually camps organized separately for "Dummies" are only beginning to learn skiing, and separately for experienced skiers, who then teach beginners. School instructors leschetarstva on tourist routes "Goat" (mountain goat, 960 meters) held the last weekend of February. Technics Skiing and snowboarding brushed Funeral from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Kyiv. But the first weekend in March for training here assembled "Dummies". Young people 13-15 years old put on skis starshoplastuny instructors. Camp "without brakes-2007" provided three days of practical programs, instruction techniques skating and winter mandrivnytstva generally, and more - formation ceremony, fun, creative evening and fire. To play, you play - for the benefit of the head and body.

Youth formation in the Ukrainian Carpathians "reservoir" has since 2000. The organization continues the tradition of the Carpathian Leschetarskoho Club, which was established in Lviv in a 20th of the last century and revived in the early 90's. Club helps Scouts to prepare their own instructors ski and involve in training camps experienced instructors from outside the "reservoir". Yablunitsa in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv in Slavske - two branches, where the shares are different winter Plast. Most of them happy band "Burlaka" - "order", which specialized in mountaineering, skiing and mandrivnytstvi.

Yablunitsa that pass

Yablunitsa Ski Resort is located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk region, at the entrance to the pass (921 meters). Hence, 30 kilometers to the city Yaremche, 15 kilometers to the village Polyanitsya (where Turkompleks BULOVEL), 12 kilometers to the village of Yassin (from beginning to rise Dragobrat) and 50 kilometers from the city of Rachel.
Village Yablunitsa height above sea level - 960-1060 meters. On both sides of the road which meanders in a deep canyon on the slopes of three mountains built ski trails. They are five rope tows.

Trails in Yablunitse different levels of complexity - gentle for beginners and hilly for those who seek adrenaline. Excerpts belong to different owners, so for each of them really different tickets. Cost recovery - 3-5 USD, depending on the day of the week. Rental equipment (ten) are both along the route and at the tourist center directly next to the lifts. On the slopes are "quick" cafe, which offers tea, coffee, mulled wine, hot ethnic dishes. Near the lifts - restaurant Koliba.

Tourists Yablunitse take four hotels, recreation almost twenty different levels of service and the private sector. Prices - from USD 50 per night with two meals in peasants' homes to 500 USD per room luxury in a modern recreation complex ...

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