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Labour Day

Labour Day

May 1-2.

Agree, some slightly discordant mix of holiday titles from the Ukrainian flag icon in the menu of this page. He more fitting red flag. Although largely suited him at the same color is also the last time. Well, but let's be objective and just try to remember facts. First story.

Labour Day has been celebrated for over 100 years. First in May 1886 in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cities of U.S. workers went on strike against 10-15-hour working day and put the request to the owners of factories to make a working 8-hour day. Stopped all the companies people are entire families took to the streets. The strike led by members of the International Workers Association. May 3 to undermine a strike, the host plant, near which the protesters gathered, hired scabs, who staged a clash with strikers. Police arrived, opened fire, resulting in six workers were killed and 50 wounded. The next day the area Heymarket in Chicago held a rally to protest against police killings. Five organizers of the May Day demonstration and strike in Chicago was sentenced to death, but this did not stop working, and they continued their fight for a shorter working day. In the future May Day demonstrations have repeatedly ended in collisions with power

After these events, namely in July of that year (according to other data in 1889) I II International Congress in Paris (Sotsinternu predecessor) in honor of the dead in Chicago decided to annually celebrate the May 1 mass demonstrations of bringing forth social requirements. For the first time this holiday was marked in 1890 in Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire (Warsaw), Germany, of Denmark, Belgium, Sweden and other countries. On the Ukrainian lands, which were then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1 May was the first mass celebrated in Ukraine in 1890 Once in 1905 when May Day flags were about 10 thousand people, demonstrations were held regularly.

Since 1897 and the Russian and the Austro-Hungarian empires, among which were at that time the lands of modern Ukraine, May devotions were of the strong political overtones. A swing and massive May Day demonstration ridnyly further Soviet to western carnivals. Differentiated - purely entertainment last. Initially, the main requirement of mass demonstrations was to establish 8-hour workday. And in the USSR have used slogans and anti-militarism, calling for world revolution. Calling card for long Pervomaya same decade was the slogan "Peace, Work, May."

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