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0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

Головна » 2010 » Січень » 23 » Easter



On Easter the inhabitants of Ukrainian Carpathians and Prikarpattya not only glorify rosening Khrista but also arrange games and funs sense of which is covered in heathen beliefs. Our ancestors said goodbye a tank and singing with the winter, welcomed a spring, in form games socialized with forces of nature, asking in them a good harvest, happy fate, health on throughout the year. Polivaniy, volochil'niy Monday, game for «Beetle», «Kostruba», gaivki - here and there these signs of heathen holiday of spring can be looked after and presently.

On Easter after service and sanctify baskets with the easter satiations of entertainment priests arrange even - usually simply in a court to the temple, by such method gurtuyuchi young people round a church. If a young energetic father will happen yet and, gladly plays with girls and boys, say, for «Beetle». Young people become in two rows opposite each other, in pairs interlacing hands as kriselka. Kriselko to kriselka - to «Beetle» path. On hands he goes by it to the «chairman» of file, and the last pair runs across on beginning of path. Therefore it for «Beetle» and not closed... Participants accompany this game singing of gagilki (gaivki):

Bug walks on a cudgel

And Zhuchikha - on a fir-tree.

Play, Zhuchku, play, undivine

Nay you are Mister at Run will help.

And who wants Bug to have

It needs him to eat to give.

Play, Zhuchku...

On to Bug boots

Because Bug is small.

Play, Zhuchku...

Such games, combined with singing of gaivok, with a tank, before knew quite a bit. Ranishe people were not entertained by «teliki», «vidaki», «sidyuki»...

And here that in Monday after Paski «polozheno» to pour all and all, not only the keepers of traditions know peasants but also to «put an asphalt». Yes, worthy city Lvov, in which, by the way, there is an odvichna problem with a water-supply, on a next after Easter day becomes almost dangerous for pedestrians. However, here the «ritual of cleaning» water is carried out not only above people. Generously washed on polivaniy Monday and machines, and even streetcars. you are bathed in streams and streams of different power: from aquatic pistols, plastic bottles with the made a hole corks, finally from buckets.

Researcher Oleksa Voropay in the book tells «Consuetudes of our people» about that, how it looks on Gucul'schini. «Girls in that day give the fine fellows (to the fellows) of galunki (easter eggs) and pisanki. Does not give, but hides for a bosom, and a fine fellow takes away from it, erecting forward with it an easy fight. Getting in the end, conduces a girl to water, will pour water, is, that and buys up whole». In opinion of author of secret service, here speech goes not only about the moment of caring for but also about water as symbolic cleaning.

On Prikarpatti another bachelor girl easter consuetude pobutuvav before. About his maintenance the name talks «volochil'niy Monday». He is described in a that book, but on the certificate of inhabitants of Gucul'schini, presently does not remember already about him. Consequently, in volochil'niy Monday of young woman (feme coverts) arranged for itself vechernici, where could meet and dance fellows and girls. For dance a girl granted a fellow pisanku. So youths «dragged» a village family-to-family, collecting the painted eggs. It - in the pas.

And now, getting in the village of Prikarpatske on Easter, it is possible to see such fun here. As all of church actions will make off, people pochastuet'sya svyachenim, will rejoice the holiday of Resurrection Khristovogo in family, in family, goes out to pass a village. Meantime boys going under church gates - mainly teenagers - and guard on girls. After the back hide a short wide wooden small plank - to gontu. And as only what girl will lose vigilance (and rural girls know that to lose it it does not cost), come running behind and give slap in the face that gontoy, put it mildly, on a soft place. Hardness to say, that such game symbolizes, but it, obviously, old, because remember it from the youth and the oldest people.

For the protracted history our people invented quite a bit methods to finish celebrating Easter merrily. There are whole series of games with easter eggs. They are granted near, «compete» by them - two is knocked the easter eggs, and whose will be broken up, that gives it the proprietor of more strong and all that.

And yet there is something discriminating weaker sex tradition to ring on Easter and in a povelikodni day in the church ringing. All of wishing boys can do it. And to the girls - it is impossible. And who will stand under the beating ringing, talk, will be especially healthy.

Whole week after Easter named Light. Celebrations last three days - on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On the third day people walk in guests to each other, treat oneself, divided gladness. And the Leading resurrection completes this period - through a week after Paski. The last svyachene egg from an easter basket nalezhit'sya to eat exactly in this day. Made off sainted. There were heard no more gaivki, the special easter funs were finished. Rejoiced - and for workaday labour

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