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Головна » 2011 » Травень » 9 » An unforgettable and immortal Vladimir Ivasyuk
An unforgettable and immortal Vladimir Ivasyuk

An unforgettable and immortal Vladimir Ivasyuk

Die singers - songs remain. It sometimes happens that the author's name is lost among the ages, and the song lives on - it becomes popular. People accept that they close that concern the soul and heart.

Poet and composer Vladimir Ivasyuk lived a short life - he was only thirty years old when killed in unclear circumstances. A doctor by profession (he graduated from Lviv Medical Institute). By vocation - Barbra Streisand. In a relatively short period of time has created about forty songs in the words of his poets, has published several collections of song. He wrote not only music but also speech. "I will go far in the mountains", "Two Rings", "The song will be among us" - is completely his songs: the words and music by B. Ivasyuka.

On the song "Fountain" wants to tell apart. It is very close to me, though written long ago. As for my opinion, is not just a song - a fiction story about a wonderful land: Carpathian Mountains!

Roll waves of our waters, and where - do not know, among the mountains in the world wide flows, not returns.

Who was in the Carpathians will understand my interest in this country. I was in the mountains, in Yaremche, saw the river Prut, caves Oleksy Dovbush. It was near waterfalls and could not sing: "Look how the gray rock beats sparkling water ..."

It was here in Yaremche, filmed opera "Red Rue" - told us about it by locals. And as it was not to mention an unforgettable and eternal Ivasiuk his songs live and now delight the souls of many.

The song "Red Rue" not only gave the name of a television movie - since 1989 in Ukraine is an annual national festival of contemporary Ukrainian songs and music "Red Rue". Talent does not die - they live in the songs. V. Ivasiuk - among us

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