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International Women's Day

International Women's Day
March 8

March 8. March 8 - International Women's Day. It was established in 1910 at the Second International Conference of Socialist Clara Zetkin the proposal as a day of Labour women in the struggle for equality with men.

In 1913, International Women's Day March 8 marked the first time in Russia. It happened in St. Petersburg under the banner of struggle for economic and political equality of women with men. When vkorenylos holiday in Ukraine, we do not know.

Now the 8 th day of March, we celebrate a feast of joy and spring, forgetting about the history of its origin.

If the story you still interested, we suggest reading an article from the Mirror Jana Dubynanska week we put a page devoted to the Day of Defender (23 February).

History Holidays

It is unlikely that you will deny the fact that the occasion of March 8 is one of the favorite holidays of our country. What is worth at least that the International Women's Day (Required all words are capitalized!), We celebrate the beginning of spring! And, perhaps, few knowledgeable about the history of this holiday.

And the whole story begins far in 1910, when a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany Communist Clara Zetkin International Conference on Women in Copenhagen, proposed an annual March 8 to celebrate International Women's Day.

There are two versions of why this date fell on a large selection of feminists.

Some sources claim that this is due to demonstrations in 1857 in New York when American tekstylnytsi took to the streets to protest low wages and poor working conditions. A half a century, in 1908, their granddaughter is on the same day demanding abolition of child labor and providing women the right to vote.

However, other sources with no less urgency convince us that Clara Zetkin proposed that date in honor of the Jewish holiday of Purim, which in 1910 had just fell on March 8. And, as you know, by nationality Zetkin it belonged to the Jewish people.

Which of these versions you like more, it's up to you!

In general, Clara Zetkin was a very interesting personality. All her life she has to fight for women's rights: organizing various actions, demonstrations, conferences, and even issued a magazine "Equality." For example, it is fighting against linguistic discrimination weaker sex, because words like "teacher" or "worker" is deemed offensive to women, and demanded that representatives of this profession called only "teacher" and "worker", respectively.

So, dear ladies, if you have someone turn on the word "student" - do not react!

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1 seeking the truth   (11-03-08 23:41) [Материал]
Clara Zetkin did not belong by nationality to Jewish people, she was German, married to Russian Jewish person by name Ossip Zetkin and kept his name after his death.

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