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February 14.

One of the biggest celebrations myasnytsi period (and all of February) was Candlemas (2.15), which sometimes even pre-Christian ymenuvaly Titles zymobor or hromovysche. This day was considered, with winter and summer meets struggling. While still lying snow and cold came back, people still knew that "February snow spring smells.

Believers must have tried to go to church, where at this day held a solemn service of God and the blessing of water and candles. It was the feast of Candlemas was first established church in Ephesus Cathedral of Byzantium after 431 Then was formed and the corresponding iconographic tradition. The icon Presentation "depicting Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, and Joseph with pigeons, which at the 40 th day after the birth of the Savior was brought to the Temple offering cleaning. Alongside were also shown the prophetess Anna and upright old man Simeon, who was prorocheno that he would die only saw strityvshy Messiah. This event symbolized the meeting of old and new testaments, two main ideas concerning the nature of God.

In the Christian sense of the Ukrainian lands holidays were corrected in the course of agrarian rites: "Old leaves - comes a new", "Winter in spring meets. Although Orthodox churches in Ukraine Icon Presentation "(the earliest of which date from the XV - XVI centuries). Iconostases considered an essential element which can not be said of other Christian faiths (Protestantism, Catholicism).

Consecrated this day candle called "Sretensky, hromnytseyu, Hromova and zapalyuvalas in bad weather to protect homes from lightning and thunder. She obkuryuvaly house and cattle and gave into the hands of a dying man, when read exhaust prayer. Sretensky water and treated whammy spells, navroky. Okroplyuvaly her livestock, bees, those who have gone a long journey (Chumakov) went to war, saying: "God save thee."

Prudent owners of the day watching the weather: clear and quiet day - would be a good harvest and a lot of honey frosting - good potatoes and buckwheat. They said: "When the cock drunk Hromnytsyu Vodice, then George (06/05) HIV napasetsya travytsi" - ie, in late vidlyzi down "pasture for livestock.

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