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Peter Day Veryga

Peter Day Veryga

January 29 - the day of worship honest Veryga Apostle Peter (in the nation - "Peter Veryga). This holiday is set after the events described in the book of Acts (12, 1-11). Around 1942 by the commandment of the apostle Peter King Herod Agrippa was imprisoned for preaching about Jesus Christ. In prison he was bound by two iron chains. At night, the eve of his trial, the Angel of the Lord lifted him from these chains (Veryga) and miraculously brought him out of prison.

This day marked weakening ice cover on rivers: "The Peter Veryga broken ice. Farmers Bukovina believed that "Peter Veryga half of winter. On that day comes many signs: "If Peter Veryga night before the month and see the stars in the sky, the summer will be fruitful, a year - happy. If the gloomy night, the dismal year: crop failures, epidemic in cattle. "How cold that day, then - the summer heat.

Considered a great sin on this day to wash.

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