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From the oil be healthy!

In Ukraine last week myasnytsi bore several names - Oil, Syropustnyy week, assumptions, Zahalnytsya, legs zahovyny, logs and more. Structurally it is divided into three main parts: the counter "critical" Monday, "wide" Thursday and "Farewell" (or "Shutkov) Sunday. Each had its own ritual specificity.

The basis of ceremonial dish of oil (Pancake, Pancake) were dumplings with cheese to be used with butter or sour cream. Manufacture of and buckwheat pancakes, seasoned with lard. They treated all week. Quite popular among the peasants, were units of butter buttermilk (buttermilk). "Let there be, - said in such cases - and buttermilk to every morning!"

Total oil was considered women's holiday, while the participation in it may take men. But they had to for this vidborhovuvaty money or vodka.

In this widely practiced and pohostyny. Women met in the group went to the tavern in Monday and celebrated "beginning Masna. TUESDAY women gathered again to the bar and committed all sorts of fun scenes. WEDNESDAY called "shiver-grandmother. Some ceremonies and activities related to this day not been preserved. However, in critical or wide THURSDAY women, gathered in the company raised a toast to the fact "that was known for some calves" and tried to spin this day, "that oil is not rancid.

In his interesting celebrated Friday. Concerning in Ukraine on this day was to treat in-law wife's mother. However, if a guy got married in autumn myasnytsi then lead to a lawful zhinchynu mother on Boxing Day - it provided that the mother was polite and respected. When she was grumpy and unfriendly - the third day. Instead, if the marriage at Christmas myasnytsi, then fell on invitation Pancake Friday. Beautiful sporyadyvshy Vehicle-law with great honor planted mother-in sled, and inviting other members of her family and village proudly visas. If it had on her teeth, pulls it chose to ... perevernulysya sleigh over the festive table, he preached the wishes of different color, usually humorous character: "Drink, people, full of drinking, so that my mother-in-throat peresyhalo not!" - Hinting that it is too contentious.

But the most interesting marked the last day of Shrovetide - Syropustnu SUNDAY, Black Sunday, Masna assumptions. Different regions have their ceremonies and activities. In Poltava, such as neighbors and relatives Sunday avoided each other and ask forgiveness for abuses. It was believed that that particular day scheduled audit, and therefore lawful to make peace with those who in this world. Thus, in the morning visiting a neighbor or relative, offered the following friendly settlement:

- Forgive me - a low bow, turned neighbor to neighbor.

- God pardon, - answered the host or hostess.

- And again forgive;

- God forgive ...

- And third forgive;

- God forgive.

After these dialogues, which were distributed not only to children, people kissing, and if not, you still felt that the injustice inflicted before losing the essence of sin. In this way people's customary structure helped settle various conflicts between people, as they say now, rozryadzhala stressful environment, which in daily life was not uncommon. It is not wise folk proverb claimed: "Do not ever wear the stone in her bosom."

As already mentioned, during the Shrove Tuesday people used mostly dumplings with cheese. But this ritual eatables was especially honored on Sunday, so they said: "Varenyky prove that and not give bread.

Evening is arranged an interesting ritual "rinsing teeth. In each region had its ritual differences. Here is the most common. On Sunday evening, when it ended assumptions, lawful clean teeth with the remains of cheese.

Finally came the fun and the girls. Hold on Monday, "zahovyny leg (from ankle aspic) girls brought out into the street and threw the door of the gate. If bone dolitala to the gate, the girl will be healthy throughout the year, and when perelitala through the gate - will be married.

In addition, a farmer and on this day (Sunday) is traditionally predicted weather. Believed: that Syropustna Sunday following Easter and, if the sun rises in the morning, then early spring seems ...

With a variety of games and rituals, and ended the last day of Shrovetide. People were preparing for the longest and, as already spoken, the strictest of all previous - Lent, and therefore said: "oil, oil that you did - if you are seven Sundays, and fast one". And what do, when, as the other winged aphorism: "It is not always the cat oil.

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