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Celebrate Easter in Ukraine began late with the arrival of the first millennium of Christianity. According to the biblical story, Jesus Christ rose early in the morning, i was accompanied by a large earthquake Resurrection: Then heavenly angel rolled back the stone from the door of the Holy Sepulchre. At the dawn of women mironosits Maria Magdalene, Maria, mother of James and Salome went to the tomb of flavors to obmastyty body of Jesus, but i saw the stone rolled away empty coffin, i then agitated women angel i told about the Lord's Resurrection.

Holy Easter has pagan roots and was born long before the Passover holiday, even before the birth of Christianity in Ukraine. In ancient times, farmers believed that the deceased continue to live below ground and may affect her fertility. It is from these beliefs and was closely associated spring memorial rites.

It is believed that the evangelical event in honor of Easter is set, and the Easter ceremonies probably borrowed from pagan and Jewish cults and regenerated in the form associated with the person of Christ (although the first Christian theologians did not recognize the relationship of Jesus Christ with pagan gods and only Resurrecting evangelical works were considered true). But the Christian holiday design has changed little essence of pagan rites.

Easter Holiday in Ukraine today symbolizes rebirth and a general update.

Origin of the name "Easter"

There are several legends about the name of celebration. According to one of them the name "Easter" ("Big Day") has until the end of the first millennium of the arrival of Christianity on Ukrainian soil. Legend says that "Easter is called so because when Christ was born, the sun shone strongly and stood so long time that the current need seven folding that was one then. Then it was like sunrise on Sunday morning, the will go up on Saturday evening. And when they crucified Christ - the days decreased. Now, only the king's gate in the church are wide open seven days ... "

According to another legend, the Easter holiday, was born seven thousand years ago, during the dohrystyyanstva, and was associated with pagan worship. Here is how to explain to her ...
Lived three brothers-hunters: Tour, and Mr. Yar. And somehow, they gathered together to hunt. The choir has vast steppes, and the larks rozspivalysya so that it rings sky. Impressed Jar stopped and said:
- I would not, brother's wife, hunting tours, young bulls potsilyaty arrows, and I want this field to sow grain and zoraty and harvesting, and bread napekty people to health.
Once he said such things as fallen from the sky and the golden golden plow yoke.
And older brother shouted Tour:
- This is mine!
I take the plow - until he took up in flames. Started back in fear Tour.
- This is mine! - Shouted seredulshyy brother. But he sahnulo flame in the face.
- No, brother's wife, sho me - smiling, "said Yar.
He came and took the golden yoke, put on a pair of bulls that fed nearby, harnessed them to plow proorav gold and the world's first furrow. And then - the second, and ten, and one hundredth. Sown field Poltva - wild wheat, and she grew violent ear. Collected fruit jar, and namolov flour and baked a loaf of bread first, and second, and ten, and one hundredth. And people entertained. I taught them to plow, sow and raise bread. With all the great gods Vyriy took him to the lake and skupaly Living Water. Now Yar - Yar, the god of planting and fertility. And he was descending to land at a spring day when you can sow the ground grain. And it was CHRIST. That Great Day farmer.
Origin of the name "Easter"

The word "Easter" comes from the Old Testament feast that celebrated the Jews to commemorate the liberation from Egyptian captivity. Paschal lamb the Jews became the prototype of Christ, because Christ is called the Lamb of God Lamb of Easter, Passover.

Now researchers is difficult to understand what the Easter ceremonies, and as if there were. From the Christian Easter rituals mixed ancient pagan ceremonies connected with the celebration of spring sun. Under the influence of the Christian calendar, pagan rites peremandruvala part in Easter week, and sometimes disappeared as far accounted for Lent, which was in stark contrast to the "happy spring".

At Easter, known primarily from the records of eyewitnesses XIX-XX centuries. Are three different tracks, one on nasharovanyh tried together, the cult - the cult of family, the spring sun and the Cult of Christ brought to humanity the idea of resurrection - the idea of spiritual and physical revival. Beliefs, common to all Slavs, who on Easter "sun plays" or "walk", though his take on the attribute and Christian holidays, because, he says "this day all rejoice in heaven and on earth," was probably one osnovnishyh ideas with the spring sun, from which it appeared, and further, the kind that matched "on Easter Sunday is free to sleep," because "one who sleeps, his happiness Ave.

Easter Liturgy lasts all night. Her nayurochystishyy moment comes at midnight, when the priest testified that Christ has risen, and everyone in awe answer: "Indeed He is risen!" After the service the procession passes three times around the church, then began the process of ritual consecration of the Easter foods: cakes, krashanok, sausages, horseradish, bacon, etc.. Hostesses zbryrayut them in baskets decorated with embroidered towels, periwinkle and candles. After church services on scattered homes rozhovlyatysya i start.

Rozhovlyayutsya especially blessed egg. Besides breads and eggs (krashanok and eggs), should be among the blessed smazhenyna, garlic, tarragon, horseradish, G.

In old times, before eating Easter itself, the host went from devoted primarily among cattle hrystosuvavsya with her, testified: "Christ is risen!" And someone from the audience in charge of cattle: "He is risen indeed." Then the owner of three devoted to touch each beast and uttered: "If not for what took sheep (or cow, or anything) as nothing is taken holy breads. In another neighborhood Galicia recorded another formula: "What a gift of red, and God has given to heifers (yahnytsi or something) Krasnye. Then went to the blessed garden, apiary, vegetable garden, according prymovlyayuchy, and finally all went into the house where the lord blessed the children who were kneeling before him: "If you rozv'yazuvavsya mind so soon as these Besaha (bag) soon solved yazuyutsya. Who was the girl vyddanni, put her head on Passover: "To-tian people was so great as this fine Easter! Small children put in holy es of bag: "To ourself so soon grew, as Easter is growing quickly (Materials etnolohiyi Ukrainian, Shevchenko Scientific Society. XV, 39). After rozhovyn youth usually went under the church where rozpochynalysya Easter games - Vesnyanki or Hahilky accompanied by the appropriate songs. In the life of young people were beginning Easter celebrations Streets that rozpochynalasya Easter week and lasted until the autumn.

At Easter all have fun, because who will be sad in this day and miss all year. If anyone dies at Easter, it is presumed that his happy soul will go straight to heaven, for in that day, "agreed upon in the sky."

After rozhovyn began to call bell - and who first rang, the earliest harvest processes and will be the best corn in it. The bells rang all day and then also the second and third day.

Easter Monday is called Oblyvanym. Traditionally, boys girls pour water. The same can repay them the same on Tuesday.

Among other known Easter is another one that is folding homes on Easter night all around the church. It is believed that this fire is cleared of air and land exempt from all filthiness of a good harvest. This fire is sacred and must he quenched.

Easter commemoration of the dead end - prayer and grief "on the hill. In grave bugorki zakopyut eggs and shells from z'yidzhenyh eggs, meat bones with holy, holy salt, etc., and poured a glass of vodka: "Eat, drink and us sinners, we remember." Sometimes tsokayutsya eggs at grave cross nadbyvayut them and then give passers.

On the second day of Easter is dangerous to leave your home because you can get under someone's discharge from the bucket.

Easter - the feast of joy and positive emotions. Easter Monday, however, can ruin your mood nicely. On this day, from the very morning the streets hooligans hasayut group with buckets or plastic bottles (God to clean!) Of water. Pour all passers-by, regardless of age and sex. Water poured out even on the door through the windows of buses and minibuses. Some of these "pranksters" manage to do it from the windows of tall buildings. They are not interested in what festively dressed people go to someone on a visit. Because of this, many urban residents are afraid of this day go out of their homes.

Young people openly wonder: how is it such a big holiday pooblyvalysya little water, but people do not understand that in most cases - it is only innocent fun. But bystanders instead of jitter would better usmihalysya ...

Young people (especially immigrants from rural areas) said that traditions must be observed. Yes, tradition. But overbend rod. Superfusion, especially under this tradition, ladies and gentlemen concerned. Young people can and pour over just joking with equal confidence. And one should know: oblyvayutsya just before lunch! Oblyvanoho pm Monday is dedicated to the cultural program, various entertainment, say, Haivka. In fact, in ancient times only poured into the villages. The urban population had no such custom.

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