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Annunciation, Annunciation - dvanadesyate great holiday, the third most important national-religious holiday after Easter and Christmas.

Eastern Rite Christians celebrate the Annunciation on April 7, West - 25 March.

Annunciation in Ukrainian

In Ukraine, holiday came from Christianity. As people got the name 'third meeting of Spring "(after Purification and Forty Martyrs). It is believed that the spring that day finally overcame the winter, God bless the ground and opens it for sowing. According to folk beliefs, only after the Annunciation could begin field work. Earlier "disturb" the land was considered a great sin.

This holiday is usually a stork flew from Vyriy and started to nest. There was a belief that the land discovered on the Annunciation and her vypovzaly snakes and other reptiles vuzhi.

On that day there was a long tradition of releasing birds will: "To sing for freedom, glorify God and asked for happiness, good luck to the person who produced them. Boss produces at will, the sun and all animals, even dog and cat casts on the court - to hear the spring and took care of themselves. "

Pasechnik this day on exhibit yard catch.

In the church this day be blessed communion bread. Then the beekeeper Proskura roof and poured it into honey, bees to royilysya, seeder and mixes with the earth and sow the four corners of fields - fields that nimbus not passed; Proskura bury in the ground, to crop hail smite.

Annunciation Proskura as Epiphany and Sretenskie water stored in the image.

It was believed that when the Annunciation, walking on water, she finds a flower bloom, this summer she will marry. Snowdrop, which will at the Annunciation, portends happiness. If the wash water, which put this snowdrop - be beautiful.

There is a belief: the weather at the Annunciation, and on this Easter.

Ukrainian people, especially holiday honors the Annunciation and strictly prohibits any work that day: he even thought of the Annunciation celebrates birds, nests does (Nomys, 418). At the Annunciation, said enough to touch a seed, or grain, that it immediately lost its power of stairs and never zaplidnytsya. You can not, they said, also put out that day and eggs under a hen, because zroblyatsya Dumpty, or hatch them cripples.

All that belongs to conceive, severe restrictions have been arranged: the Annunciation - a holy land, and how the professor wrote. Hrushevskyi, against him nakazuvano timid mysticism that, by chance, something not spohanyty not break. God bless at the Annunciation of the earth, or, as saying hutsuly. - Puts her head to her warm, and on every budytsya zhyvyna, who was asleep in the ground - muravli, frogs, beasts. Vovedennya From the Annunciation to not cultivate the earth, and of the Annunciation can have on her work, God bless plants that day - and every dyhaniye. "landlord cast that day all his cattle and shot, and bees, and even the dog in the sun, the will to hear the spring and most are cared about. Various superstitious beliefs, divination, magic Acts divorced from this basic idea rozbudzhennya ground and hidden in her life that her Ukrainian people tied to the Feast of the Annunciation.

In addition to Ukrainian peasants on popular symbols of the Annunciation of the divines, and because it fit with many signs: the weather of the Annunciation, and this will be on Easter. If rain falls on the Annunciation, he shall bring forth good rye. If the Annunciation is the Bug sitting on eggs, spring is warm, and so on.

Annunciation (April 7). Traditionally it is the largest spring festival. Farmers with a special reverence treated him since they believed that "God bless this day all plants, and therefore a great sin was to take on any job, especially cautioned pregnant women to have both work, they will cut off leg of his child. There is a belief that the Annunciation even bird nests. According to legend, the cuckoo is not your nest egg and throws in some, that "once a holiday nest fork, and God took away her memory."

If you guys met hypanica, then showed him the holy bread, which was kept by her, just for this occasion, and oklykaly: Busen, busen! Take holvotu, and you give me rye assembly! " And girls, meeting swallow, take in a handful of earth and carried her to the garden to sow, - the place must come dill.

From the Annunciation and other related beliefs: that day stork must bear at least one egg. However, domestic animals and birds feast not brought special joy. The hosts tried not to chicken eggs, Kubel, because if you touch them with his hand as if it vyluplyuvatymutsya chicken with two heads. Moreover, if a cow or a sheep brought a litter of Annunciation, some farmers just cut it, "because of the good not wait."

Was considered a great sin to borrow fire Annunciation. This custom was recorded throughout Ukraine.

But in Polissya were convinced: if buried in the late sowing proskurka, the hail will bypass this corn.

Many customs associated with the Annunciation, pobutuvalo in Transcarpathia. Girls tried to sunrise rozplesty hair bypass Environment, villages and three sweep in the house floor. Rubbish with a broom attributed to river. After earning a bucket of water in there, it skroplyuvaly the place where they plant cabbage, because it does not then slyznityme. Incidentally, in this day Slobozhanschine necessarily trying to break the cabbage seedlings.

Specific expectations associated with this holiday beekeepers. Some threw the honey and prepared a proskurka insects to "zubastymy had." Other fat added to the honey and red pepper give bees that were healthy. The most superstitious to put lotky Wolf mouth "(a bee who get through through it, will be able odhryztysya of men") before hive or rozstelyaly red cloth (zlyatsya to let insects invaders).

Some also ceremonials associated with domestic animals. To give a lot of milk cows in the evening, the eve of the Annunciation, a bucket filled with water and diynytsi; ubezpechuvalys Did witches zasivayuchy poppy-samosiyem barn, burned old sandals or hats, and the ashes given to those animals that are difficult to get used to the suburbs. Moreover, in this day trying not to let their homes foreign women and girls, to have brought disaster.

Proverbs are associated with this holiday, said: "The Annunciation spring winter finally overcome" or "Bless the winter breaks, and so carefully watched the weather.

If the evening star, something like cannabis.
What is the weather for the Annunciation, and on this great day.
Good weather - a good harvest.
Misty morning - in the rivers overflow.
If the Annunciation is snow - lean summer.
If frogs appear and disappear, it will be much more cold.
Annunciation without swallows - Cold Spring.
At every Annunciation had climbed out of the nest.
On the Annunciation of winter is not barking, and not hide the sleigh.
At the Annunciation stork arrives and the bear gets up.
At the Annunciation bird nests not nests.
If the Annunciation on the verge of cock drunk, then George (May 6) HIV napasetsya.
Annunciation to the stone spring.

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