1. Təqdimat Ukrayna istirahət, şəhər Yaremche [23]
2. Prezantimi i pjesës tjetër në Ukrainë, qytet Yaremche [23]
3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche [23]
4. عرض الباقي في أوكرانيا، Yaremche المدينة [23]
5. Aanbieding van die res in die Oekraïne, die stad Yaremche [23]
6. Aurkezpena Ukrainan gainerako, hiria Yaremche [23]
7. Прэзентацыя Адпачынку ва Украіну, горад Яремче [23]
8. Представяне на почивка в Украйна, гр. Yaremche [23]
9. Trình bày của các phần còn lại tại Ukraina, thành phố Yaremche [23]
10. Cyflwyniad o'r gweddill yn yr Wcrain, Yaremche ddinas [23]
11. Ներկայացում մնացածը Ուկրաինայում, քաղաքը Yaremche [23]
12. Prezantasyon rès la nan Ikrèn, Yaremche lavil [23]
13. यूक्रेन में आराम की प्रस्तुति, शहर Yaremche [23]
14. Presentatie van de rest in de Oekraïne, de stad Yaremche [23]
15. Παρουσίαση της υπόλοιπης στην Ουκρανία, πόλη Yaremche [23]
16. პრეზენტაცია დანარჩენი უკრაინაში, ქალაქ Yaremche [23]
17. Presentación do resto da Ucraína, cidade Yaremche [23]
18. Præsentation af resten i Ukraine, by Yaremche [23]
19. Ettekanne ülejäänud Ukraina linn Yaremche [23]
20. מצגת של שאר באוקראינה, בעיר Yaremche [23]
21. פּרעזענטירונג פון די מנוחה אין אוקריינא, שטאָט יאַרעמטשע [23]
22. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraina, kota Yaremche [23]
23. Cur i láthair ar an chuid eile san Úcráin, chathair Yaremche [23]
24. Kynning á hvíla í Úkraínu, borg Yaremche [23]
25. Presentación del resto de Ucrania, ciudad Yaremche [23]
26. Presentazione del resto in Ucraina, città Yaremche [23]
27. Presentació de la resta d'Ucraïna, ciutat Yaremche [23]
28. 介绍在乌克兰各地,市Yaremche [23]
29. 其餘介紹在烏克蘭,城市Yaremche [23]
30. 프레 젠 테이션 우크라이나의 나머지 부분, 도시 Yaremche [23]
31. Presentation of Ukraine ceteris civitas Yaremche [23]
32. Iepazīstināšana ar pārējo Ukrainā, pilsētas Yaremche [23]
33. Pristatymas Ukrainoje poilsio, miestas Yaremche [23]
34. Презентација на одмор во Украина, градот Yaremche [23]
35. Penyajian sisanya di Ukraine, bandar Yaremche [23]
36. Preżentazzjoni tal-bqija fl-Ukrajna, belt Yaremche [23]
37. Präsentation der Rest in der Ukraine, Stadt Yaremche [23]
38. Presentasjon av resten i Ukraina, by Yaremche [23]
39. ارائه تفریح و سرگرمی در اوکراین ، شهرستان Yaremche [23]
40. Prezentacja reszta na Ukrainie, miasto Jaremcze [23]
41. Apresentação do resto da Ucrânia, cidade Yaremche [23]
42. Презентация Отдыха в Украину, город Яремче [12]
43. Prezentarea restul în Ucraina, oraş Yaremche [23]
44. Презентација остатак у Украјини, град Иаремцхе [23]
45. Prezentácia zo zvyšku na Ukrajine, mesto Yaremche [23]
46. Predstavitev počitka v Ukrajini, mesto Yaremche [23]
47. Uwasilishaji wa mapumziko ya Ukraine, mji Yaremche [23]
48. การนำเสนอส่วนที่เหลือในยูเครน, เมือง Yaremche [23]
49. Sunum Ukrayna dinlenme, şehir Yaremche [23]
50. Bemutatása a többi ukrajnai városban Yaremche [23]
51. Презентація Відпочинку в Україні, місто Яремче [10]
52. ڈیمو یوکرائن میں باقی کی، شہر Yaremche [23]
53. Pagtatanghal ng mga pahinga sa Ukraine, lungsod Yaremche [23]
54. Esittely loput Ukrainan kaupunki Yaremche [23]
55. Présentation du reste en Ukraine, ville Yaremche [23]
56. Prezentacija odmora u Ukrajini, gradu Yaremche [23]
57. Prezentace ze zbytku na Ukrajině, město Yaremche [23]
58. Presentation av resten i Ukraina, stad Yaremche [23]
59. プレゼンテーションウクライナの残りの部分、都市Yaremche [23]

"Карпатська тиша"

Відпочинок у Яремче

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Вечер в Карпатах

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Головна » Статті » Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche » 3. Presentation of the rest in Ukraine, city Yaremche

Vorokhta and Yaremche - the pearl of Carpathians

Vorokhta and Yaremche - the pearl of Carpathians

Carpathian ... Blue Mountains in the white hats as supporting the sky. Somewhere in the highlands, a single cloud hooked by beautiful spruce top. And the sun is coming out - it melted, dissolved among smoky peaks disappeared ... It seems that lived on horseback and Fractions, rozpravyly his mighty crown cedars, beeches, larches, became brighter zelenokvitnyy carpet highlanders, cheerful melody sounded in mountain streams. Various shades of gain slope of the Carpathian mountains in different seasons. Thick-green, snow, majestic forest stands in winter. Plays gentle green in spring and summer, sometimes covered with gold in autumn. Ancient and always new, unique in its fairy-tale magic mountain ...

On the bank of the fast stretches Rod Yaremcha. History has kept her birth date, but already in 1788 Yaremcha was known as settlement, which belonged to the village of Dora. These lands were living in that time only a few families. In the second half of last century, many tourists spread rumors about the healing properties of mountain air. Gradually the place began to become a resort area. After September 1939, when the age-old dream come true reunification of western lands of the Ukrainian Soviet state, Carpathian natural resources have become available for all workers. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come and tourists not only from different regions of the republic, but also from all over the Soviet Union - Siberia, Far East, Central Asia, the Baltic States. Each year Yaremcha takes about 150 tourist trains.
The city grew tourist complex Huzulschyna. This is a true work of masters of folk architecture, which is located on the Prut near the waterfall, where a mountain river for centuries to fight with rocks.
In 40 years of the XVIII century, these land naviduvavsya Alex Dovbush. Wild, inaccessible area like the leader Robin. This winter he came. Near Yaremcha on the mountain (now called it Dovbushanka), early spring were going to people's avengers, listened offended, dreaming about the future. Numerous legends have been preserved to this day among the locals, give Dovbusha Olexa and his fellow high human qualities. In this region each resident room Courtyard "Evening in the Carpathians", rest in Yaremche Carpathians, Home ...
show cave and stone Dovbusha and other attractions associated with the name of the legendary rebels. And naspivayut many songs about it.
Through Yaremcha and its environs in summer 1943 held formidable partisan connection twice Hero of the Soviet Union SA Kovpaka and Hero of the Soviet Union SV Rudneva. On this memorable event in the history of WWII tells Yaremchdnskyy Museum of Partisan Glory. It contains over five thousand items - documents, photos, postcards, personal effects, partisan weapon. These precious relics clearer becomes immortal feat kovpakivtsiv partisans.

In the center stands Yaremcha vosmymetrova dashing figure with a raised avenger overhead machine. Monument erected in 1967 designed by national artist of USSR V. 3. Boroday, architects A. F. Ihnaschenko and Hero of the Soviet Union, former partisans kovpakivtsya SP Tutuchenka. The authors of the monument were awarded a gold medal named after the famous Soviet painter of battle-NB Grekov. A good tradition exists in kovpakivtsiv. Every five years they are going to Yaremcha remember the past battles, commemorate the victims. The composition Yaremcha, which became in 1977 a town of regional subordination, is the village Rohatyn. According to legend, the first inhabitants priselke Mochernyakiv was minister Nick Rohatyn. Rumors about his extraordinary abilities and intelligence spread around. Therefore, it is often asked for advice, prymovlyayuchy "going to Vorokhta. Hence went like think the new name of the village.
Late last century, these edges are many tourists visit. Healing mountain air, natural resources have attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs, mostly foreign. Especially interested in their Carpathian wood. In vyrubtsi alloys forest mercilessly exploited underprivileged toilers. In the constant struggle for existence, years passed and the decades of life of many generations of peasants and workers. Life has changed for the highlanders of Soviet power. Workers came to help the new technique. Gradually disappearing old profession. Spent the last turbulent rivers rafts brave bokorashi. Now a forest in the valley vezut powerful machines and timber. Only on holidays compete in agility brave sons of raft.
At the sight turns Vorokhta takes a modern look. Now it is a known center for tourism and winter sports, which is one of Europe's largest ski jump. There are going to train the country's leading athletes and just fans of winter recreation. Bright sun, sparkling snow, new buildings sports centers, colorful costumes, funny face, ringing laugh, as you will see settlement of any winter day.
Many routes lead to Yaremchanskiy tourist zone. One of them is how the terrain where Rod goes back, with tiny stream that is born at the foot Goverly at height of 1750 meters, it grows in steep river that breaks through authoritatively its way between rocks and cliffs. Many tourists are able to make an exciting climbing Goverlu - the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians (2061 m). On the southern slope of trees occur up to 50 meters in diameter and 180 centimeters. Another of them 300-400 years. To build a peasant hut, just one such tree.
During the trip the tourists will see the forests of rare species of trees: Carpathian cedar, black birch, rock elm, pine, spruce Carpathian. Very interesting fauna land inhabited Carpathian deer, brown bear, roe deer, wild boar, lynx, badger, marten, otter, squirrel, grouse, golden eagle, falcon.

Yaremcha and Vorokhta linked with the regional center of Ivano-Frankivsk and other towns bus and rail links. It is within easy reach from every corner of our country.
One who visit here forever captivate Ginko fir, valley bright colors, calls flows, high sky, pensive whisper of trees ... And always remember the blue mountains in the winter haze rising sun slowly, solemnly, crystal bell firs snow, steep slopes of the mountains to ski, a sense of endless fun, no matter how old you are, when departing from skids and dive in fluffy snow ...
Flip the pages of this album. They will remind you about the wonderful days of rest over the fleet bars, the joy of communicating with the charming nature of unique beauty in its mountains tale that you tell her evergreen Carpathians in 2011 ...

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