Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі Буковеля Поляниці [420]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Верховини відпочинок [90]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Ворохти відпочинок [160]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Вишкова відпочинок [40]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Івано-Франківська відпочинок [40]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Калуша відпочинок [10]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Косова відпочинок [80]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Татарова відпочинок [120]
Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Яблуниці відпочинок [110]
Яремче відпочинок, Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі Яремче [681]

"Карпатська тиша"

Відпочинок у Яремче

0977739122 - Любов

Вечер в Карпатах

::::::Каталог для туриста::::::

Головна » Статті » Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні - готелі області » Готелі, садиби, вілли, міні-готелі, Івано-Франківська відпочинок

Hotel "***" - feel at home!

"***" Hotel - a place where comfort and care of guests is our main mission.

With us you will enjoy the warmth of home, comfort and attention. No exaggeration to say that even the most demanding guests requests are met. "***" Hotel is located in the heart of the city's rich history - Irkutsk, near the monument to the genius of the poet Ivan Franko and musical drama, which is why you feel in the center of cultural life.

Hotel "***" meets all standards of quality, service and comfort!
You're not sure whether we can accommodate 300 guests? Willingly, because our hotel has 244 rooms and 380 beds. Do not forget about the fact that we are on the main street of the city that provides ample opportunities for walking, shopping, tours. You can easily get to anywhere in the city with minimal time!
Having come to us, you do not need to worry about your car - easy parking staff "Nadia" poklopochutsya on his round the clock protection.

You nasty long and tedious procedure of filling out registration cards? Forget about it, because you are «***»! You just need to sign - and you are our guest! To our guests we always exercised tact and diplomacy.
We are happy to provide the number of such categories and prices, which will be convenient for you! We offer single, double rooms, deluxe suites and a half.
Hotel "***" ideally suited for a quiet family holiday with children - welcome to the family room type! And for active business people, accustomed to be in the middle of the action, we will provide all necessary conditions for fruitful work: internet Wi-Fi, modern business center with all necessary attributes for negotiations, conferences, seminars and workshops. You can also take advantage of car rental services and translators. And if you schedule to arrange our wedding - we will create a real fairy tale! In winter we heat and in summer - cool, because our rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning.

We have a flexible system of discounts on rooms and meals.
"***" Hotel provides the best service, we very carefully and responsibly treat orders and requests from our guests and offer the services of «Room Service», beauty and order excursion!
You will be greeted with beautiful smiles and sincere hospitality all the hotel because we employ a real team of hospitality! Job «***» hotel - a personal approach to each guest.

Your arrival and departure will be comfortable and pleasant. Every time we accompany your friendly smile, knowing that you will return to us and will come with you excited enthusiastic stories of friends and relatives. And convinced you were right!

Your smile - our highest reward!

Distances to ...

    * Park: 1 m
    * Night Club: 500 m
    * Boutique: 100 m
    * Internet cafe: the territory
    * ATM: in
    * Exchange rates: in
    * Bus stop: 800 m
    * From the railway station: 700 m
    * Grocery store: in
    * Supermarket: in
    * River: 2 km.
    * Lake: 1.5 km.


    * Coverage MTS
    * Coverage Kyivstar

Hotel Services:

    * Conference Room: 150 USD / hr, 1000 hr / 9:00 to 18:00
    * Delivery of food to the room
    * Internet in public areas
    * Air-conditioning in public areas
    * Safe
    * Elevator
    * Stand a protected
    * Parking
    * Transfer
    * Room Service
    * You can with animals
    * 24 hours admin
    * 24 hour security
    * Shop at the hotel
    * Washing clothes
    * Ironing clothes
    * Excursions


    * Accommodation with discounts
    * Rest of young children


    * Restaurant
    * Cafe

Contacts, addresses, prices. Owner.

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