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Yaremche - one of the most beautiful cities

Yaremche - one of the most beautiful cities Frankivsk. It is located in the northeastern part Frankivsk region in a narrow valley between mountains at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level. Of all the side Yaremche surrounding Carpathian mountains. From the north - Gorgan, west Svidovets, from the northeast - Montenegrin spine, and the south-Ruhovski mountains.

Due to its geographical location, unique nature and unique culture Hutsul Yaremche known as one of the most popular tourist and recreational centers in Ukraine.

Holidaymakers in Rahove possible year round. In summer and autumn - gathering mushrooms, berries, hazelnut, horseback riding, tours. In winter - skiing, snoutyubinh.

Nearby Yaremche with. Business on the motorway in the direction to Uzhgorod stele costs and surveyor's mark, which symbolizes the geographical center of Europe.

Tourists will be interested in such architectural monuments as wooden church in Yassin (XVI cent.) Average Watermark (1428), Lazeshchyna (XVIII cent.) Business and (XVIII century). Since archaeological sites - it housed the settlement of primitive people in the z.Bila Church, 100-40 thousand years BC

If you have interesting information about Yaremche vkarpatah@ukr.net send it and we are happy to publish with your name. Let's create together an interesting site about recreation and entertainment in Ukraine.

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